Students may receive a notice that their FAFSA has been selected for verification. If a student is selected for verification, they will receive an email from Simpson University requesting a copy of their federal tax transcripts, W2(s), and other supporting documents, to confirm the accuracy of data provided by the applicant on the FAFSA.

Delays in submitting the necessary paperwork can effect the disbursement of federal and institutional aid and may impact the amount of aid a student receives. View for verification deadlines.

Verification Worksheets

Tax Filing Information

In addition to the worksheets, you and/or your parent(s), if you are a dependent student, will also need to provide your tax filing information. Below are the different tax filing options. Please review each scenario and turn in the appropriate documents listed for your situation.

Professional Judgment

Complete this form if your FAFSA does not accurately reflect your current financial situation. After submission, Student Financial Services will complete a review to determine if any changes to your FAFSA will be made. Changes made to the FAFSA may or may not result in additional financial aid eligibility. All students requesting professional judgment must also complete the verification process.