General Education Requirement

Starting Fall 2014, Simpson University will launch its new General Education (GE) curriculum. New undergraduate students will automatically be under the new GE, while current students will have the option to switch.

Q:  What is the GE?

A:  The general education courses are selected by the faculty to provide essential knowledge in human and global understandings, Bible and theology, English, communication, history, and the sciences. All traditional undergraduate students, including transfers, must meet these requirements in order to graduate.

Q:  What does it mean that there will be a new GE?

A:  Starting in the fall of 2014, the GE requirements are changing. Many of the same classes in the current GE will be in the new GE, but they will be reorganized to open electives for minors and double majors. The new GE will look a little different for each major. Check out our Credit Worksheet page to see how each major will be effected.

Q:  Do I have to switch to the new GE?

A:  You do not have to switch to the new GE. You are contracted to the GE, majors, policies, and graduation requirements listed in the catalog from the year you started at Simpson. All current students will have the option of sticking with what they have, or switching to the new catalog with the new GE. NOTE: If you do switch to the new GE, you will not be able to switch back, so be sure it’s right for you before switching.

Q:  How do I know if the new GE would be right for me?

A:  If you will have a majority of GE courses completed by the beginning of the 2014 fall semester, the new GE may not be a good fit, as many of your classes may not fit in the new categories. You can meet with an Academic Advisor in the Registrar’s Office to complete a Credit Worksheet for your major with the new GE and see if it would be a good fit.

Q:  How do I setup a meeting with an Academic Advisor?

A:  Contact the Registrar Receptionist to setup a meeting by either coming in to Simpson Central or calling (530) 226-4111.

Q:  How do I switch to the new GE?

A:  Get a Declaration of Major form online (or at the Registrar) and deliver to the Registrar’s office. For location and hours of operation, click here.