Tribute and Memorial Scholarships

All endowed scholarships are managed by Student Financial Services and awarded via committee. Committee members are staff and faculty that represent our campus from various disciplines. Students are identified as qualified candidates according to scholarship criteria and individually reviewed each year as funds are available. Students must meet the EDAP deadline to be considered for endowed awards. Currently, funds are given to returning students unless criteria mandates a new, incoming student as preferential.

General Endowed Scholarships

  • Dale Faculty Development Fund
  • Frances P. Owen Distinguished Professor Award
  • Owen Student Scholarship Fund

Tribute Endowed Scholarships

  • Adams – Kinley K. Adams Outdoor Leadership, Science & Nursing Scholarship
  • Allen – Paul S. Allen Scholarship Fund
  • Bartholomew – Bartholomew Loan Fund
  • Bottorff – Mr. & Mrs. David Bottorff Scholarship
  • Brown - Dr. Richard Brown Family Scholarship
  • Bubna – Dr. Donald L. and Deloris Bubna Scholarship
  • Campbell - Barth Campbell Memorial Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established in memory of this beloved professor who went home to be with the Lord in 2005. It has also reached the endowment level. First preference will be given to a student majoring in Bible and Theology. Second preference will be given to a student pursuing Pastoral Studies. Additional preference given to any student who is a San Francisco Giants baseball fan!!

  • Campbell - Ryan Campbell Memorial Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established in 2008 by Stacie (Sheppard ’99) Campbell and Brian Russell (’98) in memory of Stacie’s husband Ryan, who died in a cruise ship accident in 2006. They hope the scholarship will help students like Ryan who have a heart to serve in ministry and need financial support to pursue their education.

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  • Carlson – Sarah B. Carlson Music Endowment (held by Orchard Foundation)
  • Case – Rev. & Mrs. Walter L. Case Scholarship
  • Claspill – Carl and June Claspill Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Claspill - Donald and Lois Claspill Scholarship
  • Coats – Susan J. “Susie” Coats Memorial Scholarship
  • Collord - Collord Family Graduate Scholarship
  • For four decades Tom Collord taught Bible, Biblical languages and linguistics at Simpson. His administrative service included, first, registrar, and then a number or years as academic dean. He is one of only two faculty members who served at all three of Simpson’s campuses: Seattle, San Francisco, and Redding.

    In his student days, Tom pastored the Open Door Baptist Church in Spokane, Wash., and Hazelwood Community Church in Renton, Wash. After his ordination, he became the Alliance’s first-in-the-nation District Youth Director in the Pacific Northwest District. Later he pastored several churches in Washington and California.

    With his wife Maxine, Tom founded and directed Key Christian Ministries, Inc, a Bible study ministry which provided dynamic teaching of God’s Word in San Francisco for nearly twenty years.

  • Collord –Collord-Kasparian Scholarship
  • Compton - Stuart Compton Scholarship
  • This scholarship has been established in memory of Miles Stuart Compton. Stuart Compton was a graduate of Simpson Bible Institute in Seattle in 1955 and librarian at Simpson College in San Francisco and then in Redding. He was the only employee at Simpson who had been with the school through its two moves and its growth from Bible Institute, to College, to University. Stuart served at Simpson for 54 years, positively impacting the lives of students and employees. A challenge grant has been received that will match $1 for $1 up to $10,000.

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  • Crowell - Crowell Family-NBC Camp Scholarships

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  • Dale – Elizabeth Grandia Dale Memorial
  • Davidson - Jack and Evangeline Davidson Scholarship
  • This is designated to go to a student of Missiology or Cross-Cultural Studies.

  • Dyk – Hiram Dyk Family Scholarship
  • Eells - Ernest & Henrietta Eells Missionary Scholarship
  • This scholarship is named for Ernie and Henrietta Eells. They both graduated from Simpson Bible Institute in Seattle in 1944 and had plans to go to the mission field. God changed those plans, but they have been involved in Alliance churches all these years. They pastored churches in Warm Beach and Cedar Valley, Wash., and Bly, Ore. They were instrumental in starting the Yakima Alliance Church in 1953 and have continued serving in many capacities all through the years. The Eells desire that this scholarship will encourage and help those students whose goal is to follow the Lord’s leading into ministry, either cross-culturally or within the United States.

  • Ellison – Irene E. Ellison Scholarship Loan Fund
  • Flinn – Flinn Family Scholarship
  • The Flinn Family Scholarship was established in honor of Gordon (‘83) and Kris (‘83) Flinn by their children, Meghan (Flinn) Anderson (‘08), her husband Dan Anderson (‘08), Mitchell Flinn (‘09) and Marshall Flinn, and family and friends. The fund recognizes the impact that Kris and Gordon have had on numerous students during their Simpson student and alumni journey. The scholarship is designed to assist a returning junior or senior traditional undergraduate student attending school away from home, whose character is known by staff, faculty, students and/or coaches as a positive influence on his/her peers and the Simpson University community.

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  • Gall - Gall Family Scholarship
  • Goehner - Bev Goehner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Bev Goehner Memorial Scholarship is named for Bev Knowles Goehner, who passed away suddenly in November 2006.

    Bev spent most of her professional life as a church office administrator and active church woman. She was involved in the leadership of Pioneer Girls and music at our Southern California church, where she was the featured soloist.

    It is the hope of her family that this endowment will help a future teacher and worker with children to complete their education at Simpson. Bev loved children and he loved being a grandmother and received the affectionate nickname “Nama”. It was a decision of the family that this scholarship should benefit someone who would invest their life in children.

  • Gower - Michael S. and Caroline S. Gower Scholarship
  • The Michael and Caroline Gower Scholarship was established at the time of Michael's retirement in 2003. It is awarded to students who participate in student government, sports, and other leadership activities.

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  • Grant - James M. and Hazel J. Grant Family Scholarship
  • Harvey – Raymond & Mary Lou Harvey Scholarship
  • Hattam – John Rolf & Denise Hattam Scholarship Fund
  • Heart for Israel Endowed Scholarship
  • The Heart for Israel Scholarship was established in 2003 in response to the need for endowed scholarships to maintain student enrollment due to the ever increasing cost of higher education. The name was chosen to reflect a desire to promote a connection between believers and the Land, people of the Bible, and the Jewish people. The scholarship was also created to encourage students to consider a ministry in the country of Israel.

    Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 'May those who love you be secure…'"

  • Heinrichs - Harold and Edythe Heinrichs Family Scholarship
  • Heritage Society Scholarship
  • Holpuch Healthcare Scholarship
  • Howard – Katherine W. Howard Scholarship
  • Hunt – Lois Guernsey Hunt Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Irving - Jenna K. Irving Leadership Award
  • Kadle – Virginia Kadle Scholarship
  • Kemalyan – Arthur and June Kemalyan Scholarship
  • Kress - Edward L. Kress Memorial Scholarship
  • Kroon - Elsie Kroon Memorial Scholarship
  • La Monte-Insco – La Monte-Insco Scholarship Fund
  • Lavering – Gary and Kelly (Tucker) Lavering Scholarship Endowment
  • Lee - Mark Lee Family Scholarship
  • The scholarship was set up in 1973 on Dr. Mark W. Lee Sr. and his wife’s 30th wedding anniversary. It was set up by their children to honor Dad and Mom; at the time they were serving in administration at the college. Dr. Lee served as president of Simpson from 1970-1987. He subsequently served as Chancellor under Dr. Grant for another 10 years. At nearly 87 years of age, he continues as President-Emeritus of Simpson University. The Lees met at Nyack in 1942 and were married in September 1943. Dr. Lee served several Alliance churches and over time moved into Christian higher education.

    The intent was that scholarship money be given to students preparing for ministry or related Christian vocation. A secondary consideration was financial need. The Lee family wants to support kingdom building for Christ through Simpson.

  • Mayo - Frank & Ginny Mayo Scholarship
  • McCarthy – Keith McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
  • McDaniel – William H. McDaniel Scholarship
  • McLallen – McLallen Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Miller – Samuel J. Miller Scholarship
  • Morgan – Maurice Morgan Scholarship Fund
  • Niedermyer – Fred and Eileen Niedermyer Scholarship Fund
  • Nolt - Robert J. and Mertis H. Nolt Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. Nolt’s interest in the mission of the college spans almost three decades. His accounting firm of Rooney, Ida, Nolt and Ahern served as auditors for the college, and he served on the Board of Trustees while the campus was in San Francisco. He and his wife held a strong interest in Christian education and missions. His daughters remember the many times they hosted pastors and missionaries from around the world at their dining table. Robert’s family established this endowment as a natural outgrowth of their father’s love for God’s work in the world.

  • North Seattle Alliance/Ruth Kroon Missionary Scholarship
  • Olsen – Lorenz Olsen Memorial Scholarship
  • Owen – Teaching Timothy Scholarship
  • Perry - Thomas J. & Elizabeth J. Perry Scholarship
  • Petrie – Dr. Arthur Petrie Memorial Scholarship
  • Poulton – Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poulton Scholarship
  • Reinhardt - Reinhardt Family Scholarship
  • Samuelson – The Samuelson Missions Fund
  • The Samuelson Missions Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of assisting Simpson University graduates planning a career in missions with the retirement of their student loan debt via direct payments to the financial institution servicing their student loans. The first priority is for graduates serving in international missions work, secondly to those serving in a cross-cultural setting for a recognized evangelical missions organization. Additional preference is given to those serving as missionaries with the C&MA.

    The purpose of this fund is to assist Simpson University graduates with the retirement of their student loan debt via direct payments to the financial institution servicing their student loans. Those establishing the fund request that distributions be awarded according to the following criteria:

    • a. To graduate(s) of Simpson University serving in international missions work;
    • B. In a cross cultural setting for a recognized evangelical missions organization;
    • C. Additional preference given to C&MA missions;
    • D. To any deserving graduate as meeting the first two criteria above, as determined by the Simpson University Foundation.
    • E. If available distributions exceed the needs of qualified applicants, the Simpson University Scholarship Committee may award benefits to a student:
      • a. Majoring in missions/cross cultural studies
      • b. In their senior year
      • c. Working for placement with the C&MA or other recognized evangelical missions organization
      • d. In lieu of (in place of) incurring an equivalent amount of student loans for that year (student is strongly advised to reduce or not take the amount of offsetting loans).

    *NOTE: To apply for this scholarship, please contact the Alumni Relations office at to inquire about the application process.

  • Schaefer - Glenn & Nancy Schaefer Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Schaefer who retired in 2007. If you would like to honor Dr. Schaefer by contributing to this scholarship, please contact Vonnie Dodson, donor relations specialist, in the Advancement Office.

  • Sellers – Mary Jane Sellers Memorial Scholarship
  • Serpa-Langford –Serpa-Langford Endowed Scholarship
  • Sharpe – Cameron and Medora Sharpe Scholarship
  • Solie – Maurice P. Solie Memorial Scholarship
  • Sparks – The Sparks Family Scholarship
  • Spencer-Gage-Eells – Spencer – Gage – Eells Scholarship
  • Spencer - McKenzie Rose Spencer Nursing Scholarship
  • This scholarship has been established in memory of McKenzie Rose, a child born with Down Syndrome to parents Jeff and Beth Spencer. During a series of hospitalizations in her short 10 months of life, nurses provided exceptional care for her family during difficult circumstances. Because of this, her family wants to make it possible for aspiring nurses to attend Simpson University, where Beth has worked since 1990.

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  • Stanwood - Jay & Lorraine Stanwood Scholarship
  • The Jay and Lorraine Stanwood Scholarship was established in 2000 on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary celebration wherein attendees were encouraged to donate to the scholarship fund. Jay and Lorraine have come to realize that there is no greater investment one can make than investment in the life of young people. They have been and continue to be supporters of Simpson University and its commitment to provision of a God centered education in order to equip young people to impact the world in whatever vocation God calls them to serve.

    Jay and Lorraine first got involved with Simpson in 1952; they began participating in transporting potential students to Simpson’s annual Senior Day activities. Jay served on the Board of Trustees from 1992-2007. He is now a Trustee Emeritus.

  • Strong - David and Cynthia Strong Family Scholarship
  • Stroshine – Maxine Gormley Stroshine Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Sulonen – Sulonen Family Scholarship
  • Tamura - Denise & Cary Tamura Scholarship
  • Cary served on the Simpson University Foundation Board of Directors for a number of years and now serves on the Simpson University Trustee Board. Because of his service on the Simpson boards, he and his wife wanted to help advance the mission of this great institution. They also wanted to especially help those from Hawaii, Cary’s home state. Students from Hawaii have to travel so far and often come without a support system in Redding. Their scholarship fund seeks to help students who want a quality Christian education and pursue their goals at Simpson University.

  • Tozer - Bud and Rosemary Tozer Memorial Scholarship
  • Voss – Henry and Gertrude Voss Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Waage – Gordon L. & Gladys M. Waage Scholarship
  • Wallmark - Leonard and Edith Wallmark Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established upon Dr. Wallmark's retirement and has been endowed. First preference for the award is given to a Biblical Studies major with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Second preference is given to a Liberal Studies major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  • Webster – Katherine Webster Memorial Scholarship
  • Wright – Betty Jane Wright Leadership Scholarship
  • Betty Jane Wright is an inspiration to her children and grandchildren. Her college degree provided the opportunity for her to be a social services worker within the state of Washington for 23 years. There she worked with infant adoption placement, foster care licensing and placement, and child abuse cases through the Washington State court system. She desires that young women have the opportunity and valuable benefits of the kind of college education for which she is so grateful! Betty Jane’s daughter, Julie Irving, has served on the board of trustees and her granddaughter, Jenna, graduated from Simpson University in 2007.

  • Whale – Fred & Grace Whale Mission Scholarship
  • Yaggy – W. Van Clief & Vivian M. Yaggy Memorial Scholarship