Student Callers for Simpson University’s Office of Advancement

Simpson University Student Callers

Simpson Student Callers are responsible for contacting alumni and friends of Simpson University in a fundraising and "friend-raising" capacity. Callers will solicit gifts for the Annual Student Scholarship Fund, provide information about the university, specific programs, and update alumni records. Student Callers serve as ambassadors for Simpson University.

  • Megan Moreland

    Student caller Megan MorelandMy name is Megan Moreland, and I am the Supervisor of the student callers! I’m a transfer student majoring in cross-cultural studies/TESOL in hopes of teaching English all over the world and being an SLA researcher. In my free time, I love to go for bike rides, and I will watch Dr. Who to relax.

    I am from Citrus Heights, Calif., and the city life in Redding reminds me of home. I love how the people are so friendly here. I decided to go to Simpson because my mentor, Jen, graduated from Simpson and encouraged me to look at the school. I fell in the love with the community.

    On campus, I love to hang out at the coffee shop and study at the library, but off campus, I like to go to the Dollar Theater with my friends.

  • Zachary Sanchez

    Student caller Zachary SanchezMy name is Zachary Sanchez, and I’m a student caller at Simpson University. I’m a freshman majoring in history in hopes of becoming either a professor or an archaeologist. In my free time, I love reading, going to museums, and walking or running.

    I’m from Azusa, Calif., and I love Redding because of the small town feel in the community, but the lovely city life as well. I chose Simpson because it has a beautiful campus, and is full of great professors that show the true grace of Christian teachings.

    On campus, I like going for a run in the back 40 acres; it’s fun to explore. Off campus, I love going to Old Shasta Museum and the Sundial Bridge for a nice walk or run.

  • Cameron Greilich

     Student caller Cameron GreilichMy name is Cameron Greilich, and I am a student caller at Simpson University, an opportunity I am very excited about because I am gaining many new skills for future employment. I am a junior and am in my third year at Simpson. I am a psychology major and hope that in the future my career will be youth-focused, and I will be able to help them in any way possible. Some possibilities are social work or youth ministry.

    I am from Cottonwood, Calif., and consider myself a local. I always considered Redding a big city growing up, and even though now I am more traveled and know that's untrue, I am still grateful to be here because the Simpson community is terrific.

    I love anything to do with cinema and consider myself to be a film buff. I also love to reading and spending as much time as possible with other people.

  • Victoria Tillie

    Student caller Victoria TillieMy name is Victoria Tillie, and I’m a student caller. I transferred in to Simpson University in 2013 to study in the cross-cultural studies program with an emphasis in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My interests are cooking, interior design, and music. When I’m not traveling the globe, I love watching movies and spending time with my friends.

    Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, I love the city but can appreciate the outdoors as well. In fact, the outdoors was one of the perks for me when deciding on coming to Simpson. I also strongly believe in this school’s mission to serve the world in God’s name.

    My dream is that one day I can pursue my passion to travel the world and teach English while learning of the cultures that I visit.

  • Brian Johnson

    My name is Brian Johnson, and I am a student caller at Simpson University. I started as a student caller in spring of 2015. I also work as a tutor for the Academic Success Center on campus.

    I am sophomore, and my major is business administration. My career goal is to work at an IT firm.

    Elk Grove, Calif., is my hometown, and Simpson is a good pick for me because of the proximity to family as well as my interest in Bethel Church. Upon visiting Simpson, the community is what made me finalize my decision.

    I enjoy reading, sports, hiking, and board games. One of my favorite activities in Redding is seeing movies at the dollar theater.