Student Callers for Simpson Univerty's Office of Advancement

Simpson Student Callers are responsible for contacting alumni and friends of Simpson University in a fundraising and "friend-raising" capacity. Callers will solicit gifts for the Annual Student Scholarship Fund, provide information about the university, specific programs, and update alumni records. Student Callers serve as ambassadors for Simpson University.

Megan Moreland

My name is Megan Moreland, and I am the Supervisor of the student callers! I’m a transfer student majoring in cross-cultural studies/TESOL in hopes of teaching English all over the world and being an SLA researcher. In my free time, I love to go for bike rides, and I will watch Dr. Who to relax.

I am from Citrus Heights, Calif., and the city life in Redding reminds me of home. I love how the people are so friendly here. I decided to go to Simpson because my mentor, Jen, graduated from Simpson and encouraged me to look at the school. I fell in the love with the community.

On campus, I love to hang out at the coffee shop and study at the library, but off campus, I like to go to the Dollar Theater with my friends.

Zachary Sanchez

My name is Zachary Sanchez, and I’m a student caller at Simpson University. I’m a freshman majoring in history in hopes of becoming either a professor or an archaeologist. In my free time, I love reading, going to museums, and walking or running.

I’m from Azusa, Calif., and I love Redding because of the small town feel in the community, but the lovely city life as well. I chose Simpson because it has a beautiful campus, and is full of great professors that show the true grace of Christian teachings.

On campus, I like going for a run in the back 40 acres; it’s fun to explore. Off campus, I love going to Old Shasta Museum and the Sundial Bridge for a nice walk or run.

Cameron Greilich

My name is Cameron Greilich, and I am a student caller at Simpson University, an opportunity I am very excited about because I am gaining many new skills for future employment. I am a junior and am in my third year at Simpson. I am a psychology major and hope that in the future my career will be youth-focused, and I will be able to help them in any way possible. Some possibilities are social work or youth ministry.

I am from Cottonwood, Calif., and consider myself a local. I always considered Redding a big city growing up, and even though now I am more traveled and know that's untrue, I am still grateful to be here because the Simpson community is terrific.

I love anything to do with cinema and consider myself to be a film buff. I also love to reading and spending as much time as possible with other people.

Victoria Tillie

My name is Victoria Tillie, and I’m a student caller. I transferred in to Simpson University in 2013 to study in the cross-cultural studies program with an emphasis in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My interests are cooking, interior design, and music. When I’m not traveling the globe, I love watching movies and spending time with my friends.

Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, I love the city but can appreciate the outdoors as well. In fact, the outdoors was one of the perks for me when deciding on coming to Simpson. I also strongly believe in this school’s mission to serve the world in God’s name.

My dream is that one day I can pursue my passion to travel the world and teach English while learning of the cultures that I visit.

Brian Johnson

My name is Brian Johnson, and I am a student caller at Simpson University. I started as a student caller in spring of 2015. I also work as a tutor for the Academic Success Center on campus.

I am sophomore, and my major is business administration. My career goal is to work at an IT firm.

Elk Grove, Calif., is my hometown, and Simpson is a good pick for me because of the proximity to family as well as my interest in Bethel Church. Upon visiting Simpson, the community is what made me finalize my decision.

I enjoy reading, sports, hiking, and board games. One of my favorite activities in Redding is seeing movies at the dollar theater.