Still undecided on a major? You are not alone.

At Simpson University, we understand that you may not have it all figured out. And you know what? That’s okay! When faced with so many great choices with undefined vision for the future, many freshmen find themselves not quite ready to commit to a particular major. Even the best and brightest will often enroll as an undecided major, just because they need that extra time to find out what they are passionate about. While you eventually will need to select a major, you can at least continue to move forward with your education while you explore your options.

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General Education Courses

All Simpson students take a variety of general education courses in the Humanities, Sciences and Bible and Theology. These courses provide a foundation for all majors.

Advising Counselors

All SU students are assigned an academic counselor to walk along side and help map out a schedule.

Career Counseling

Our trained career counselor will help you discover who you are and why you are alive. Discover your passion that is backed up by a specific major.

Major Specific Resources

Academic Resources