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Sundial Bridge

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Sundial Bridge

The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay Exploration Park crosses the Sacramento River in the heart of Redding. Opened July 4, 2004, the 700-foot bridge serves as an entrance for pedestrians and bicyclist taking Redding’s Sacramento River Trail. The Sundial Bridge has been billed as the world's largest working sundial.

The bridge, which is made from steel and over 200 tons of glass and granite, provides for spectacular viewing. The bridge has become a Redding staple and has brought in millions of dollars worth of commerce and tourism each year.

The bridge is also environmentally sensitive to its river setting. The tall pylon and cable stays allow the bridge to avoid the nearby salmon-spawning habitat there are no supports in the water while encouraging public appreciation for the river.

World renowned Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava conceived the Sundial Bridge’s unusual design and it is his first free-standing bridge in the United States.

About the photographer

Diana Vader

Diana VaderDiana Vader lives and works in the beautiful Northern (North State) California area pursuing her passion for portrait, landscape, and commercial photography.

Diana has received numerous professional awards (print of the year, best in show and numerous blue ribbons) and is a recognized leader in the academics of photography. Active in various professional organizations, Diana is always quick to support community outreach programs with her time and resources. Two favorite organizations are the Good News Rescue Mission and the CareNet Pregnancy Center & Medical Clinic. Both organizations are beacons in the Redding and surrounding communities. Diana and her husband Mike are active in Little Country Church's worship team.


Diana pursues technical excellence through continued education from both nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the photographic industry by attending and assisting with courses throughout the United States. In recognition of this pursuit, Diana has been awarded the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation by the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. (Less than 3% of all professional photographers ever achieve this distinction.)

Living amongst some of the most beautiful scenery California has to offer, Diana's landscape photography is in direct response to God's living canvas surrounding her home. Diana feels that her photography is an extension of her worship and she strives to uplift and encourage those around her with beautiful images.

Having two young children of her own, she knows all too well the value of patience, understanding, compassion and legacy. As a passionate professional, Diana pours all her energies into every photo in order to live up to the high standard that God has put upon her heart.

"When our family moved to the North State, God opened several doors and led me through them one at a time. Family, friends, colleagues and mentors all came together in concert to bring a long dormant dream of pursuing professional photography to life."

"It's a shame we often forego our passion in order to stay within the lines… Praise God that He didn't want me to stay there!"

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