Hugs From Home


Simpson University provides a way for parents to minister to their students through our Hugs from Home program. Students have birthdays, they stay up late studying for finals, they get sick or have bad days. These are times when it may be hard to be away from family. But they are also the perfect times to send your love and support with a Hug from Home.

The Hugs from Home program allows parents to order care packages, including birthday cakes, survival kits for finals week, get-well soon baskets, as well as a variety of other seasonal Hugs. The Hug from Home come with the items listed as well as a personalized note for only $28, with $5 of the purchase donated to WorldSERVE student mission trips.

Order Hugs From Home Online

  • Every-day Hugs From Home

    Birthday Hug ($28)

    Can't be with your student to celebrate his or her birthday? Send the celebration to them! Birthday cakes are available in white or chocolate and come frosted and colorfully decorated with your student's name. We provide plates, forks, and napkins for a party of eight! Hug also includes your personalized note and balloons.

    Movie Hug ($28)

    Want to give your student a chance to kick back and relax for an evening? Nothing says that better than our movie hug! This hug includes soda, popcorn, chips, candy and a $10 gift certificate to the local movie theater. Hug also includes your personalized note and balloons.

    Cookie Hug ($28)

    Nothing is better than homemade cookies! While we can't match your knack for baking, we will help you express your well-wishes and let your student know you are thinking about him or her with our Cookie Hug. The hug is brimming with jumbo cookies in the ultimate assortment. Hug includes your personalized greeting card and balloons.

    Get Well Hug ($28)

    It is always nice to have your student near to take care of while they are sick. Now you can send that special love and care, even if you can't see them. This package is designed with love specifically for those who are feeling under the weather. It includes orange juice, Gatorade, hand sanitizer, AirBorne, Cup of Noodles, tissues, granola, cough drops, stuffed animal, tea packets, and a $5 gift card to Jamba Juice or From the Hearth. Hug includes your personalized note and balloons.

    Coffee Hug($28)

    Whether up late studying or relaxing with friends, a trip to a local gourmet coffee shop will be just the right thing to keep your student going. This package includes a $10 gift card to a local coffee shop, a travel mug, chocolate, biscotti, instant coffee sticks and bottle of Frappuccino coffee. Your personalized note and balloons are included.

    Mental Wellness Hug ($28)

    Sometimes students just need a break, especially when school things take over their life. With this in mind, we created the Mental Wellness Hug. This hug includes stress relievers such as a coloring book and markers, gum, chocolate, and a neck and eye pillow. Your gift also includes your personalized note and balloons.

    Red Hawk Hug ($28)

    Want to wish your athlete good luck on game day? This hug is geared toward a specific sport and filled with goodies to get them game day ready. Sports drinks, healthy snacks, a $10 gift card of your choice, Red Hawk gear and more. It also comes with your personalized note and balloons.

    Simpson Spirit Hug ($28)

    This hug is perfect for anyone with lots of school spirit and to show off their Red Hawk pride! It’s filled with pompoms for games, Simpson pennant, Simpson window clings, Red Hawk gear, a $10 gift card of your choice, and more. It also comes with your personalized note and balloons.

  • Seasonal Hugs

    Exam Cram Hug ($28)

    During final exam week, your student will need the proper tools to deal with the stress of finals. This survival kit is a great way to provide support and show your student you care. This package includes healthy snacks and other goodies, coffee, Gatorade and appropriate school gear they need for studying and tests, like #2 pencils and 3x5 cards. We've also include Kinetic sand, a great stress reliever for you student. We strongly suggest the delivery of these hugs be designated no later than Monday of Dead Week to fully utilize the contents.