Hugs From Home

A student receiving a Hug from HomeWe are excited to announce changes in our Hugs from Home program. Beginning with this year, the Office of Parent Relations is partnering with Simpson University’s WorldServe student mission teams. Students who are raising funds for missions trips will be assisting us with some assembling our creative, fun, and delicious care packages. The cost of each hug will now only be $28 and $5 of the purchase price will be donated to the missions teams. As always, you can still expect your students to be thrilled with the thoughtfulness of your gift!

Simpson University wants to provide ways for parents to minister to their students. Students get sick, have bad days, they have birthdays, they stay up late studying for finals, and these are all times when it can be hard to be far away from family.

The Hugs from Home program allows parents to order care packages, including birthday cakes, survival kits for finals week, get-well soon packages, as well as a variety of other holiday and special packages. Each package comes complete with the items listed as well as a personalized note.

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  • Every-day Hugs from Home

    Birthday Hug($28)

    Can't be with your loved one to celebrate his or her birthday? Send the celebration to them with this birthday cake package. Birthday cakes are available in white or chocolate and come frosted and colorfully decorated with student's name. We even provide plates, forks, and napkins for the birthday party of eight! Package also comes complete with balloons and your birthday greeting.

    Movie Hug ($28)

    Want to give your student a chance to kick back and relax for an evening? Nothing says that better than our movie care package! Included are great movie snacks such as popcorn, soda, candy, PLUS A $10 gift certificate to Redding's local movie theater. Hug includes your personalized note and balloons.

    Red Hawk Hug ($28)

    Made with Simpson athletes in mind, but perfect for anyone with lots of school spirit!! Show off your Red Hawk pride. Filled with sports balls, pompoms, sports drinks, vita powder, Red Hawk gear, water, energy bars, and more. It also comes with your personalized not and balloons.

    Coffee Hug($28)

    Whether up late studying or relaxing with friends, a trip to a local gourmet coffee shop will be just the right thing to keep your student going. This package includes a $10 Starbuck's gift certificate, a travel mug, chocolate mints, instant coffee sticks and bottle of frappuccino coffee. Your personalized note and balloons are included.

    Cookie Hug ($28)

    Nothing is better than homemade cookies! While we can't match your knack for baking, we will help you express your well-wishes and let your child know you are thinking about him or her with our Cookie Hug. Our gift basket is brimming with jumbo cookies in an ultimate assortment. Hug includes your personalized greeting card and balloons.

    Get Well Hug ($28)

    It is always nice to have your loved ones close to take care of while they are sick. Now you can send that special love, even if you can't see them. We offer a package specifically for those who are feeling a little under the weather. The package come with Kleenex, soup in microwavable cups, saltine crackers, fruit cups, orange juice, granola bars, vitamins, tea-bags and a travel mug to take to class. Your personalized get well card included.

    Back-to-School Hug ($28)

    Want to give your student a great start to the new school year? Our Back-to-School Hug is full of all the necessary supplies, including lots of tasty treats, first aid kit, personal grooming kit, travel mug, Kleenex, hole punch, scissors, stapler, tape, 3x5 cards, book light, markers, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes plus a few silly toys or games to play with friends. Your personal note and balloons are included.

    Finals Survival Hug ($28)

    During final exam week, your student will need the proper tools to deal with the stress of finals. The survival kit is a great way to provide support and show your student you care. This package includes vitamins, healthy and sweet snacks, coffee drinks, Gatorade, and appropriate school gear they need for studying and tests, like #2 pencils and 3x5 cards.

  • Seasonal Hugs

    Valentine's Day Hug ($28)

    We offer two wonderful Valentine's Day options to send to your student. Send your son or daughter your love on Valentine's Day with a delicious pie or the always classic flowers and candy. Choose either an apple or cherry pie that includes a personalized Valentine card, plates, napkins and forks to share it with friends. Or choose a box of delicious candy, a fresh rose in a vase and a personalized card.

    Easter Basket Hug ($28)

    If your son or daughter can't be home for Easter this year, send him or her an Easter basket full of traditional childhood candy favorites packed in an Easter basket. Basket includes Peeps, chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, chocolate eggs, plus more. Hug includes your personalized greeting card.