Simpson University Research Symposium Abstract Submission Form

  • Instructions for Undergraduate/Graduate 2018 Proposal Submissions
    1. 1. The Simpson Research Symposium is open to any current Simpson University Student or former student who graduated within one year of the symposium date.
    2. 2. The research project and resulting paper, poster, or presentation should be completed by the February 1, 2018 deadline for consideration.
    3. 3. Each presenter must have a Simpson University faculty mentor. The faculty mentor is typically the instructor under whom the research project was conducted (e.g. the instructor of the course for which the research was done). Please talk to the professor before you apply. Make sure he or she is willing to serve as your faculty mentor before submitting your proposal.
    4. 4. Decide if you will present your research findings as a talk (paper) or a poster.
      • For a talk, you will prepare and deliver a 15 (but no more than 20) minute oral presentation about your project, followed by a short Q & A session with the audience. These talks should explore the original ideas of the presenter and may be based upon any academic work, ranging from a summative class project to an independent research project. Visual aids (e.g., use of a whiteboard or an electronic slideshow) are especially encouraged. Be sure to talk to your faculty mentor about what kind of visual aid might best suit your presentation. She or he can help you plan your talk to fit within these designated parameters.
      • For a poster, you will design a large-format poster (three feet tall by four feet wide) and be prepared to explain the poster's contents in a group poster session setting. Posters should be prepared electronically. You will find “Poster Guidelines” located on the symposium website. Printing options will be supplied upon successful submission of a poster presentation proposal. As with talks, posters may be based upon any academic work, ranging from a summative class project to an independent research project. Again, your faculty mentor can provide advice and guidance in designing a poster suitable to your project.
    5. 5. Write an abstract of your research project (no more than 250 words).
    6. 6. Submit your presentation proposal by completing the online proposal form located on the Student Research Symposium website. The application includes your personal information, the name and email address of your faculty mentor, and an abstract of your research project (no more than 250 words).
    7. 7. All proposal applications submitted by the February 1, 2017 deadline will receive full consideration in the symposium. While preference will be given to research projects that incorporate the conference theme, “Adaptations,” research projects on any subject are eligible for inclusion in the program.
    8. 8. Each applicant will be notified by February 7, 2017 about whether his or her submission has been accepted for inclusion in this year’s symposium program.
    9. 9. Awards. All participants in the symposium will be eligible one of the Stanley Clark Student Research Awards given in three categories (Best Paper, Best Presentation, and Best Poster). If you are giving a talk, and want your paper to be considered for a Stanley Clark Student Research Award, you will also need to submit an electronic copy of the research paper upon which the talk will be based. Only papers submitted by the application deadline will be eligible for the “Best Paper” category of the award. If you do not submit a paper, or your research project did not require a finished paper, the talk you give on the day of the symposium will still be eligible for the “Best Presentation” category of the Stanley Clark Student Research Award. If you are giving a poster, you do not need to submit a research paper with your application, however, a final version of the poster will need to be submitted for printing one week before the symposium. All posters will be eligible for “Best Poster” of the Stanley Clark Student Research Award. The winners of the Stanley Clark Student Research Award will be announced on the day of the symposium. A prize will be given for best undergraduate paper, best undergraduate poster, best undergraduate presentation, best graduate paper, best graduate poster, and best graduate presentation.