BSSM Residential Meal Plans

Our new residential plans offer a mixture of meals and declining balance, specifically designed with convenience, flexibility and value in mind. Meal swipes are accepted at the Emeriti Dining Center for all- you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner periods, Sunday through Saturday.

In addition to your meals, you have flex dollars, which are similar to a debit card with funds you can use in any of our retail locations for food and beverage. Flex dollars are perfect for an espresso or afternoon snack at the Bean Scene or to purchase a meal for a friend or yourself in the Dining Center. Learn more about flex dollars.

There’s more choice than ever! These meal plans were created to better meet your needs!

21 Meals a Week


14 Meals a Week
$100 Flex Dollars

10 Meals a Week
$250 Flex Dollars