BSSM Student Housing at Simpson University

Housing Application now available for the 2018/2019 school year!

Housing Application*
*Please note, we require a $100 housing application deposit fee.

Simpson University is pleased to offer school year housing to students of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Simpson University has a beautiful campus two miles from Bethel Church. Its residence halls are designed to accommodate two students to a room who share a common bathroom with an adjoining room. Simpson’s BSSM housing is especially easy for international students as it offers a fixed cost of living to report to immigration and does not include the hassle of renting an apartment, finding a roommate, paying first and last month's rent, paying utilities, and buying and preparing food.

  • A rainbow arcing over Simpson’s campus after a storm
  • Simpson University’s campus
  • The cross on Simpson University’s campus
  • Measell-Taylor Dormitory
  • The patio area outside Measell-Taylor
  • A view from the door of a Measell-Taylor room
  • A view from the sink of a Measell-Taylor room
  • The vanity/sink area in a Measell-Taylor room
  • A Measell-Taylor bathroom

*Please note that linens, towels, pillows and blankets are not included in BSSM housing rooms.

  • Important Dates

    Move in Dates Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Rent starts for everyone on Aug. 29
    Move out Date Tuesday, May 7, 2019  
    Monthly Rent Varies based on choice of meal and payment plan Semester long lease required***
    Application Fee $100 Due with application - nonrefundable
    Room Deposit $100 Due on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
    Room Key Deposit $75 Due on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
    Mail Key Deposit $25 Due on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
    Meal Card Deposit $10 Due on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
    Parking Permit $200 per year Due on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018

    ***See Early Move Out Policy for more information

  • BSSM Payment Options 2018-2019

    Several different payment options are available and accommodations include a shared room, internet (wired and wireless), convenient parking, on-site coin operated laundry facilities, 24/7 security, and up to three meals per day* in the Dining Center. Housing is available on a first come, first served basis. Both first and second year BSSM students will enjoy the social life of college and experiencing God in a community setting. Please contact the Conference Services office at or (530) 226-4971 for more information.

    *Available during Dining Center normal operation days and depending on the meal plan chosen.

    One payment for full year (August 29, 2018-May 7, 2019)
    Housing/Food Service 21 meals per week   $6,433
    Housing/Food Service 14 or 10 meals per week*   $6,400
    One payment for fall semester (August 29, 2018-December 31, 2018)
    Housing/Food Service 21 meals per week   $3,207
    Housing/Food Service 14 or 10 meals per week*   $3,190
    One payment for spring semester (January 1, 2019-May 7, 2019)
    Housing/Food Service 21 meals per week   $3,255
    Housing/Food Service 14 or 10 meals per week*   $3,235
    Budget Balancer Payments (monthly payments of equal amounts) 21 meals per week
    August 29, 2018 - April 29, 2019 (8 payments)   $830/month
    April 30-May 7, 2019 (1 payment)   $160
    Budget Balancer Payments (monthly payments of equal amounts) 14 or 10 meals per week*
    August 29, 2018-April 29, 2019 (8 payments)   $800/month
    April 30-May 7, 2019 (1 payment)   $160
    *The 10 and 14 meal plans include Red Hawk Bucks (funds available through your campus ID card that can be used at the Dining Center, The Bean Scene, the Bookstore, and printing in the Library). For more information, visit our Bethel Housing Residential Meal Plans page.
  • Housing Application

    Click on the link to submit a BSSM Housing Application to Auxiliary Services to be considered for the coming year or semester of your choice. Space is limited, so return complete your housing application as early as possible.

    For more information about short-term guest housing during conferences at Bethel Church, please see the main Simpson University Guest Housing page or contact the Conference Services office at (530) 226-4971.

  • BSSM FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

    • Q:  Where can I get the application to live at Simpson and how do I send it in?

      A:  Applications can be found our website, You can fill out an application electronically by clicking on the link above.
      Completed applications can also be mailed to:
      Simpson University
      Conference Services Office
      2211 College View Dr.
      Redding, CA 96003
      Emailed to:
      Faxed to: (530) 226-4869

    • Q:  May I get a tour of your campus?

      A:  Tours for Bethel Students are available by appointment and can be scheduled by calling (530) 226-4971 or emailing

    • Q:  May I move in earlier than the listed move-in dates?

      A:  If you need to move in earlier than the dates listed, please call (530) 226-4971 or email with the date you would like to move in. Please note that not all requests for moving in early will be granted. Those who move in early will be required to pay the current Guest Housing rate for each day prior to the listed move in dates. Meal plans in the dining center may not be available until the scheduled move in date(s); you will be responsible for your own meals.

    • Q:  How will you get in touch with me if I am accepted into your housing?

      A:  Once we confirm with Bethel that you have been accepted into their school, we will email your acceptance to the email address you provide on your application. Acceptance notification will be sent through email only.

    • Q:  Why does the application require me to include credit card information?

      A:  The credit card information is required to pay for your $100 housing application.

    • Q:  I need to withdraw my application—can I still get my deposit back?

      A:  The application fee is nonrefundable for withdrawals.

    • Q:  Will I be living with other BSSM students?

      A:  Yes, we group all of the BSSM students in the same section of a Residence Hall. You will have one roommate and two suitemates that will share a bathroom with you and your roommate.

    • Q:  Can I have a single room without a roommate?

      A:  We are not able to offer single rooms as our goal is to offer housing to as many students as possible. Special circumstances will be given consideration.

    • Q:  Can I choose my roommate?

      A:  Yes. We do our best to accommodate all requests. Please list your requested roommate in the “Roommate Choice” section of the application; both roommates must request each other. Please note that we do not pair Bethel students with Simpson students.

    • Q:  What happens if I want to move out early?

      A:  We require a semester long lease for BSSM students who want to live on campus. If you need to move out before the end of the semester, you need to submit a 30 day written notice of departure to the BSSM Housing Coordinator. You are still responsible to pay for your meal plan through the end of the semester, as all of the semester’s meals have been prepaid to the dining center. For more information, please refer to our Early Move Out Policy.

    • Q:  What is the size of the room?

      A:  The room is approximately 11’ by 20’, with a 7’ long closet, and a bathroom that is 7’ by 9’.

    • Q:  What is included in the room?

      A:  The room comes with two twin beds (can be bunked), a dresser, two chairs, and two desks with hutch attachments. Extra-long beds may be available to those over 6 feet tall. If you would like to request an extra-long bed, include that information on the housing application. Each suite has its own thermostat. Students are expected to bring their own toiletries and provide their own cleaning supplies for the room.

    • Q:  Are pets allowed?

      A:  No pets are allowed on campus. This includes but is not limited to, cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles. Failure to adhere to this guideline will result in a $50 fine, as well as the cost for room’s deep cleaning and any damages animal may have caused.

    • Q:  Can I paint the walls in my room?

      A:  The walls can be decorated with appropriate items, but the paint color cannot be changed. For a list of appropriate items please refer to our Traditional Undergraduate Handbook.

    • Q:  Are males/females allowed in each other’s rooms?

      A:  Males/females are allowed in each other’s rooms during designated times only. These times will be discussed at the first meeting of the semester with all the residents.

    • Q:  May I have a friend stay in my room?

      A:  Guests are allowed to stay in renter’s rooms for a total of six nights in a school year, and three nights consecutively. The renter is responsible for their guest and should be with the guest at all times. This includes Simpson students visiting BSSM rooms and lounge.

    • Q:  What do I do if something in my room is damaged, breaks, or stops working?

      A:  If something in your room is damaged or stops working, email right away describing the problem. If it is an emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 530-941-7592.

    • Q:  Is there is a common area/kitchen in the dorm?

      A:  Yes, there is a BSSM Lobby on the second floor of the Residence Hall that is shared by all the BSSM residents. The lobby contains: a kitchen with a microwave, a refrigerator, a toaster, a stove and oven, and TV/sitting area.

    • Q:  Can I cook my own food in my room?

      A:  Cooking of food may only be done in the main kitchen area of the residence. Microwaves, hot plates, crockpots, rice cookers, toaster ovens, or other cooking appliances are not allowed in the student rooms. Coffee pots and mini fridges are allowed in the rooms.

    • Q:  Are there laundry facilities nearby?

      A:  Coin-operated laundry facilities are located on the first floor of the residence hall. Students will need to supply their own laundry detergent ("he" laundry detergent only) and laundry baskets/bags.

    • Q:  Is there a gym on campus that I will have access to?

      A:  No, the gym is reserved only for Simpson University sports teams and special events. However, there are a number of local gyms as well as running trails in the Redding area.

    • Q:  Is there a place to study on campus?

      A:  Yes, BSSM students are welcome to study in the Simpson University Library. There is also a prayer chapel on campus with a piano that BSSM students may use.

    • Q:  Is there a curfew?

      A:  There is no curfew in the residence. However, we do enforce quiet hours, which also requires members of the opposite sex to depart from the room. These times will be discussed at the first meeting of the semester with all the residents.

    • Q:  Are there any rules at Simpson I should know about?

      A:  Students residing at Simpson University are required to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects good citizenship, representing Christ in a community. Simpson University considers the following to be inappropriate: violations of any university policy, code, rule, or regulation published in hard copy or available electronically on the university website, violation of any federal, state, or local law, possession or use of pornographic material (regardless of media type), use of obscene language, any type of abuse, attempted or actual theft of and/or damage to property, possession of firearms, explosives, or other weapons on campus, possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal substances on campus.

    • Q:  May I bring my car on campus?

      A:  Yes. If you would like to bring your car onto campus you will need to purchase a parking permit, which costs $200 per year.

    • Q:  May I bring a bicycle on campus?

      A:  Yes! Bicycle racks are available on campus. Bicycles are to be stored on these outdoor racks only. Bicycles should be kept locked up and registered with Campus Safety.

    • Q:  Am I required to have a meal plan?

      A:  Yes. All students living on our campus are required to have a meal plan.

    • Q:  How/where do I go to get these meals?

      A:  Meals on campus are served in the Dining Center. All students will receive a meal card with which they scan upon entering the Dining Center. Meals are loaded on the cards on a per week basis (10,14, or 21 meals). Meals reload on Friday mornings. The 10 and 14 meal plan options include Flex Dollars which can be used in the Dining Center or the Bean Scene.

    • Q:  Am I paying for meals when the dining center is closed?

      A:  No, we calculate all the meals you will be eating in the Dining Center for the whole semester and average the cost through the semester.

    • Q:  Where do I go to pay my rent each month?

      A:  You can pay your rent over the phone by calling (530) 226-4971 or in the Auxiliary Services Office, in Suite 308 of the Owen Center. If you would like your rent to be charged automatically each month to your credit/debit card, request an Automatic Debit Form from the Auxiliary Services Office, and they will keep it on file to charge your monthly rent amount each month.

Visiting Redding? Would you like a tour of BSSM housing? Call (530) 226-4971 to schedule!

"I highly recommend the Simpson housing option for first year BSSM students. The students share a separate, common lounge area with refrigerators and full kitchen access and they quickly become a family. Simpson has truly created a space for BSSM students that fosters the culture of Bethel. With nights of worship and prayer, group homework sessions, movie nights, ministering to visiting family or just needing to talk through what the Holy Spirit is doing in her life, my daughter never felt alone, always had positive support, and would say that her BSSM Simpson family will be family for life."

— Brenda