Simpson Advantage
A Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Simpson Advantage: A Loan Repayment Program

Believing in the investment of Christian higher education, Simpson University is pleased to announce a new loan repayment assistance program, offering an added measure of financial security to incoming freshmen.

SimpsonAdvantage will be offered at no charge to students entering their freshman year at Simpson University in fall 2015.

The benefits of the SimpsonAdvantage program are simple:

  1. Safety net to students who borrow loans to complete their degree in pursuit of a Christ-honoring career in ministry or the marketplace.
  2. Peace of mind for participating students as they start working in their chosen career path.

The SimpsonAdvantage program reinforces our institution’s enduring commitment to world service through the delivery of a quality faith-based education and continued investment in our future world-changing graduates.

Commonly Asked Questions

Key Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for Loan Repayment Assistance:

  1. Graduate from Simpson University.
  2. Work after graduation.
  3. Make your loan payments.
  4. Your income level determines assistance relative to your thresholds.
    If your income is below the lower income threshold (as specified in your LRAP Offer Letter), you may receive reimbursement for the entire amount of your loan payments each quarter. As your income increases to the upper income threshold, the benefit is reduced proportionately. For example, if your income is half-way between the upper and lower income thresholds, you may receive half of the amount of your loan payments each quarter. Assistance will continue until your income increases above the upper income threshold or your loans are fully repaid.
  5. Loan payment reimbursements are made quarterly.

Parent PLUS loans are also eligible for assistance, and assistance is based on the graduate’s income.

Simpson University has partnered with LRAP Association to power the SimpsonAdvantage program. Please visit for more information.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program Terms and Conditions