Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that all full and part-time students who receive financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress and be working toward an eligible degree or certificate. All students will be evaluated for satisfactory academic progress at the end of each semester.

Below, you will find the satisfactory academic progress policies for each program offered at Simpson University.

Student Financial Services Warning

Students will be placed on warning status by Student Financial Services if the cumulative GPA and/or completion rate for the cumulative credits attempted falls below the standards above. Students on warning are permitted to receive federal, state and institutional financial aid for the initial semester the student is below the satisfactory academic progress standards. If, at any point, it is determined that the student will not be able to complete the program in 150% of the program length, the student will not continue to receive financial aid. There is no semester of grace for this situation.

Appeals Process

Students who fail to meet the above requirements after the semester of warning are disqualified from receiving further federal, state, or institutional financial aid. A student may submit a completed appeal form to Student Financial Services documenting extenuating circumstances which impacted academic performance. Appeals are due by the second Friday of the semester and are reviewed by committee. Students will be notified in writing of the committee's decision. If approved, a student will be placed on probation.

Student Financial Services Probation

Students on probation will qualify to receive financial aid for one additional semester. Students granted probation must complete a Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress Contract before financial aid will be applied to the student account. If satisfactory academic progress standing is not reached after this semester of probation and the terms of the contract are not met, the student will not be eligible to receive additional financial aid until the semester after academic progress is reestablished.

Re-establishing Academic Progress

A student is no longer on warning, on probation, or disqualified and eligible for financial aid for the next semester of enrollment:

  • Once the cumulative GPA and the percent of cumulative credits completed are raised to meet the standards. This can be achieved if the student successfully completes coursework at Simpson University (to raise the GPA or percentage completed) or transfers credits to Simpson University that apply to the student’s degree program (to raise the percentage completed).
  • If a grade change for a previous course raises the cumulative GPA and/or percent of cumulative credits completed to the minimum standards.
  • A student cannot re-establish financial aid eligibility simply by not taking any classes for a semester. This will not change the student’s GPA or credit completion rate.