Simpson University Professor Teaches Courses in Kenya

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Dr. Dan BergerREDDING, Calif. - Dr. Dan Berger, professor of communication at Simpson University, spent three weeks of his summer teaching intensive philosophy and communication courses at Kenya Evangelical Bible College in Kenya, Africa.

Dr. Berger taught Synoptic Philosophy, Communication Ethics, and Oral Communication and 10 to 35 students attended class for six-and-a-half hours a day.

“I didn’t have a single complaint about the material or teaching,” he said. “They said I teach differently from anyone they have ever had and have had to learn more.”

Most students had to wake early and walk miles in order to attend class because of limited means and funds for alternate transportation.

“I am still amazed that they walk such distances and were so hungry for God’s Word that they came early,” he said.

One student named Nicholas walked over three miles to attend class and use the library at the college to work on his sermon. He then walked over two miles to preach at his church. He uses his daily walks in order to talk to others about Christ.

“Truly God has blest at least some of the poor with great faith, courage, and strength,” Dr. Berger said. “Nicholas is one of those men.”

Dr. Berger said he was impressed by the generosity of his students. A student named Zachariah gave him fruit he could have sold at the market, which meant a loss of income for his family.

“That kind of gift and sacrifice is amazing,” Dr. Berger said. “I received this gift with thanksgiving and was humbled by the grace and wonder of a man who sacrificed so much.”

Several students who had walked to attend class gave money for a class gift for a student who was getting married. Another organized a choir for the wedding.

“Truly, we Americans give out of our abundance while they give far more out of their poverty,” he said. “The incredible attitudes of the people here in the greatest needs and dire circumstances astound me. The poor are truly rich where it counts most.”

In addition to teaching, Dr. Berger also led a marriage seminar and on Sundays, he traveled to various churches and preached on 2 Peter 2:1-4.

Dr. Berger will return to Africa in November to teach a two-week intensive course called Critical Thought and to complete the Communication Ethics course he began in July.

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Written by Elise Wilson



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