Email Signature

Email Branding

Email Font Specifications (Helvetica or "Sans-Serif" if you don't have Helvetica)

Helvetica 10pt, Black (#000000 / RGB:00,00,00) is specified for the body text of your email since most users already have Arial on their computers. This will ensure a consistent look no matter who the recipient is. Using unorthodox or out of the ordinary font selections can detract from the brand image we wish to communicate and may not display as intended when viewed on the recipient's computer. Because font families of the same face (Helvetica) may display differently on different systems depending on the specific version (Truetype, Postscript, etc.), you may need to bump the font size up to 11 or 12, however most computers operating Windows XP with default set-ups should stick to 10pt. Arial is an acceptable substitution if you do not have Helvetica.

Email Signature Graphic, Font and Contact Info Specifications

  1. Your Name (in Black #000000, 12pt Helvetica Bold) - In Gmail: (San Serif, Normal, Black "RGB:0,0,0): i.e. - A.B. Simpson
  2. Job Title (in Gray #666666, 9pt Helvetica Italic) - In Gmail: (San Serif, Small, Gray "RGB:102,102,102) i.e. - University Founder
  3. Your Phone Number (in Gray #666666, 9pt Helvetica) - In Gmail: (San Serif, Small, Gray "RGB:102,102,102) i.e. - 530.224.5600 (USE DOTS NOT DASHES)
  4. Cell or Fax Number if needed (in Gray #666666, 9pt Helvetica, Helvetica-Italic for label) - In Gmail: (San Serif, Small, Italic, Gray "RGB:102,102,102) i.e. - 530.224.5601 Fax
  5. Footnotes, Disclaimers or Inspirational Quotes should BE LIMITED and Helvetica-Italic, at 8-9 pt. or 60% the normal font size, light-grey #666666 or RGB:102,102,102
  6. If using links in footnotes, you may use dark red (#990000) or RGB:153,0,0 (same size and font as above Helvetica-Italic, 8-9 pt. / 60%)


Phone Numbers may auto-convert to blue hyperlink in some mail programs and devices (so, there's generally nothing you can do).
Website Links should be colored dark red (#990000), though may auto-convert to blue in some mail programs and on some devices
Font Sizes are approximate and unique to your computer or device platform, so it's most important to approximate the same size of fonts you see below in the graphic screenshots.
RESTRICTIONS - Please see various "restricted use" warnings below


Example of proper usage (what it should actually look like)

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

Expanded Sample (multiple numbers and footnotes)

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic



* NEVER use wallpaper background graphics in your university email communications.
* NEVER use alternate fonts faces, sizes or colors.
* NEVER list more information than specified.

If using FERPA Notice, please use the following:

NOTICE: The information contained in this message may be confidential and privileged and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named. Some information herein may be protected by the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and cannot be further disclosed. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, the reader is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If this communication has been received in error, please notify Simpson University immediately by telephone, at (530) 226-4123, calling collect if the reader is located outside the calling area, and any and all copies of the information received should be immediately deleted, destroyed by shredding or returned to the sender, and may not be disposed of by placing in waste disposal or recycling containers.

RE: Use of quotes, bible verses, books in footnotes:

Please refrain from using quotes, bible verses and quotes as the footnotes to your SU email signature, and reserve this for your personal email. If the absence of such content from your signature prevents you from performing your job with excellence, please contact the marketing department at to provide a rationale for these uses. If approved, the content must be formatted in the footnote style listed above.

DIRECTIONS FOR DOWNLOADING EMAIL SIGNATURE GRAPHICS: Right-click or option-click on any of the signature graphics below to download and save to your computer in order to insert into your email application.

Simpson University Standard Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

Athletics Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

School of Adult & Graduate Professional Studies Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University School of Adult Studies Email Signature Graphic

School of Education Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

School of Nursing Email Signature Graphic

Simpson University E-mail Signature Graphic

More Tips

Remember to select "HTML" and NOT "Plain-Text" as your choice for viewing and sending emails.

Remember to set the color of your email reply text to Black (not default blue)

In Outlook 2007, you can set your default reply text to display in Helvetica 10pt, Black. Set under Account Settings: email Signature: Personal Stationery