Photography Guidelines

Simpson University maintains basic photography standards for the overall quality and standard of excellence to be retained on our web sites. Photos that are submitted to Simpson University for use on the website must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Each photo will be submitted in color, in a resolution that meets or exceeds 800x1200 pixels (more for print graphics)
  2. Each photo will provide enough room around the subject, so it can be cropped appropriately
  3. Original photo will include the midriff and at least six inches above the head and several inches on either side of the shoulders
  4. The background of the photo is neutral and not distracting (outside w/ greenery is preferable, esp. for Tozer)
  5. Subject will not be squinting or in shadows or harsh light
  6. Each photo for a particular web page will be taken in the same location if possible
  7. Each subject will be taken individually (no puppets, props, costumes or cats allowed)
  8. All Photos will be named with the subject’s full, correctly spelled, name and submitted to the Web Team in the Simpson Marketing Department on disc (USB, CD or DVD) or in a zip-compressed folder and e-mailed to (if total is under 8MB)

Examples of good photos (in final cropped form – *these were originally submitted at much higher resolution with more space around the subjects)

Dr. Dan BergerTara Cory
Dr. Joel ComiskeyDr. Rod Casey

Example of original photo submitted

*You may schedule a photo shoot with us by going to: and submitting a photography request. We recommend scheduling a shoot before nine in the morning or after 4 in the evening if shooting outside for best lighting conditions.