PLEASE NOTE: The cost of a transcript will be $25.00 as of August 1, 2023. The rush fee will continue to remain at an additional $10.00.

Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions on how to request a transcript. The actual transcript request form follows this point-by-point list. Please refer to this list as you complete the form. Before beginning, take note of the information at the top of the page:

  • The cost of a transcript processed at standard processing time of 5-7 days (internally, not including mailing time) is $25.00 per copy. This fee is non-refundable.
  • There is a rush fee of $10 (in addition to the cost of your transcripts) if you need your transcripts processed in 1-2 days (internally, not including mailing time).
  • Transcripts cannot be issued unless all accounts with the university are settled and you have no holds on your account. This includes completing the government required exit counseling for any student loans at

Download Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to know my student ID number?

    If you don’t remember your student ID number, write your social security number. We will use this to verify who you are.

  • What does currently enrolled mean?

    Are you currently taking any classes at Simpson? If you have graduated or are not in any classes at present, mark “no” and write the last date that you were enrolled in classes.

  • What is the difference between an official transcript and an unofficial transcript and how do I know which one to order?

    All mailed (by USPS) transcripts will be printed as official transcripts and sent in a sealed envelope which must remain sealed and only opened by the recipient in order to be considered official. An official transcript, if being mailed to or picked up by you, should remain sealed in the envelope in which it comes if it will be going to a third party. If you open your official transcript envelope, the transcript is no longer considered official.

    The cost for unofficial and official transcripts alike is $22.00 per copy for standard processing, so we will always send official transcripts if they are being sent via USPS mail. Emailed transcripts are not considered official. All requests for emailed transcripts will be charged the regular $22.00 fee but will be processed as unofficial transcripts.

    A free, unofficial copy of your transcript is available through Colleague Self-Service Student Planning. You can access Student Planning via the SU Portal. Please follow these steps to access an unofficial copy of your transcript:

    • Go to and login with your student username and password. If you cannot remember what your password is, you can reset it at by clicking on "Reset Password". For this, you will need your Student ID number. Please contact IT at (530)226-4940 if you do not know what your Student ID number is.
    • After you have logged in, click on the CSS Student Planning icon on your Portal homepage. If the "Apps" bar is not on your portal homepage, click on the "Resources" tab at the top of the page. Then, click on "...for Students".
    • On the Resources page, under the Apps list, click "Colleage Self-Service Student Planning" (not to be confused with the video tutorials link that has a very similar name).
    • In Student Planning, click on the graduation cap icon on the side menu to the left of the page. It should read "Academics".
    • Lastly, click on Student Planning, and then "Unofficial Transcripts" at the bottom of that submenu.

    If you need help logging into the SU Portal, you can contact IT at (530)226-4940.

  • Do I check “process now” or “hold for posting”?

    Are you waiting for any grades to be posted or for your degree to be posted? Then you will want to mark the “hold for posting” box. Remember that you cannot pay a rush fee to have a transcript processed within 1-2 days if your degree or your grades are not yet posted. If you have recently graduated, please check your WebAdvisor account to make sure everything is posted before requesting your transcript.

  • If picking up my transcript, how will I know when it’s ready?

    You will receive a phone call when it is ready (in which case, you should make sure you have filled in your phone number with the best number to reach you).

  • How does the RUSH option work?

    Marking “rush” means that your transcript will be processed within 1-2 days (mailing time from Simpson is not included in this time – allow 2-5 additional days for mailing within the United States). If there are any holds on your account (for not having submitted transcripts from other schools, or not having paid your account, for example), your transcript cannot be processed and you will receive a phone call informing you of that fact.

    The rush fee is ONE rush fee for all of the rush transcripts. So, if you order one rush transcript, the fee would be $32 ($22.00 plus the $10.00 rush fee). Two would be $54 ($44.00 for two transcript plus $10.00 for the rush fee). The rush fee does not mean expedited mailing time. If you want your transcript request sent with express mail or overnight mail, you will need to pick it up from the Registrar’s Office (or have someone pick it up on your behalf) and bring it to the post office yourself for mailing.

  • How do I pay for my transcript?

    Unless you are mailing in your form with a check or are hand-delivering your form with cash or check, you will want to write your credit card information at the bottom of the form for us to process your payment. This information is secure and is cut off of the form and shredded after payment is processed.

  • Can I type my information on this form?

    Although it is acceptable to have most of your information typed on to the form, typed signatures are not accepted. Be sure to hand-sign the form. The transcript request cannot be processed without your signature.

  • How do I return the form to you?

    You may mail or scan and email the form to us. The addresses and numbers are at the top of the page. Alternately, you can bring the form to the Registrar’s office in the Owen Center.