Commonly Asked Questions for Parents of Simpson Students

  • Q: When should I make arrangements for my student to come home for holidays?

    A: Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific holiday and vacation dates. Check with your student regarding when tests, finals, papers and important lectures are scheduled prior to making arrangements. We do encourage you to make your travel arrangements early, especially during the holidays, so your student leaves and arrives to campus at the appropriate times.

  • Q: What is my student's mailing address and can I send packages there?

    A: Each student is assigned a mail box number during registration. The box number stays the same during their entire time at Simpson even if they change residence halls or move off-campus. All residential and commuter students are assigned a box that they are expected to check regularly. If mail is sent to a student without the box number, it will be delivered to the student's box, but may be delayed. Mail Services encourages the use of the student's box number to expedite delivery. Packages can also be sent the same address.

    Student Name
    2211 College View Drive
    CPO # ________
    Redding, CA 96003

    Note: Campus Post Office (CPO) box numbers are distributed through the mailroom/copy center when mailbox key is issued. Please note that parents need to get the CPO box # from their student. Simpson Staff are NOT permitted to give out this information.

  • Q: Can students stay in the residence halls during vacations?

    A: Residence students are not permitted to stay in their rooms during the Christmas/Winter Break nor may they stay during Spring Break. They are permitted to stay during Thanksgiving and other "days off." All Student Breaks are listed in the Traditional Undergraduate Handbook.

  • Q: What services are offered to parents of Simpson students?

    A: The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at Simpson is available to address concerns that parents may have and to provide services while their student is at Simpson. Parent Relations may be reached at (530) 226-4774 or at

  • Q: How often should I visit my student?

    A: A variety of factors must be considered when determining how frequently parents visit their students and how often students visit their parents. This is an individual decision between students and their parents, however we do have a few suggestions.

    Visit your student, but please--no surprises. Homework, jobs and social activities tend to fill up a student's schedule. Allow your student time to plan ahead.

  • Q: How can my student get around if they do not have a car?

    A: There are several convenient options for students to get from campus to locations in the area. The campus is about two miles from many stores (Wal-Mart, Target, WinCo grocery store, etc...), restaurants, movies and more.

    Some students bike to locations close to the campus or find a ride with another student who is making a run to the store.

    The local bus service is called RABA for the Redding Area Bus Authority. Route 7 serves the campus with a stop conveniently located on Shasta View Drive that goes directly to the mall, and connects to other routes that serve the entire area. All buses have bike racks. RABA operates Monday through Saturday from approximately 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Most fares are $1.50 one way. RABA can be contacted at (530)241-2877 or you can get all the information including route maps at

  • Q: Who should I contact in case of crisis situation, i.e. earthquake, fire, flood?

    A: Simpson University's Campus Safety Department has a complete emergency plan in place. They also provide many prevention programs to increase overall campus safety which includes regular fire drills, the safe walk program, safety whistle program, and regular safety equipment checks. Check out the Campus Safety Website for more information. In case of an emergency, you can contact Campus Safety directly at (530)226-4967,, or on the Campus Safety cell phone (24 hours a day) at (530)941-7592.

  • Q: Where should I stay when I visit my student?

    A: There are several hotels in the local area that offer discounts to parents and family members of Simpson students. For a complete listing, visit our local hotels by clicking here.

  • Q: What are Simpson's Tuition & Costs?

    A: For the most up to date and accurate figures check our tuition and costs page.

  • Q: How can parents get involved at Simpson?

    A: We want parents to be involved in supporting their students at Simpson! There are a variety of ways that parents can serve students and other Simpson parents. To stay connected to your student we encourage you to send letters and care packages to your student.

    Parents are also encouraged to attend events throughout the year including athletic events and music performances on campus or in your local area.

    Parents also have the opportunity to give to Simpson out of their financial resources through fundraising projects. Check out the different ways you can support Simpson University.

  • Q: Will I receive a copy of my student's grades?

    A: No. Grade reports will be available at the end of each academic term to the students on Simpson University's Self Service portal. Students may access their grades online or they may request a printed paper report at the end of the term.