The Simpson University Alumni Experience

Learn more about Simpson University and our majors and programs by hearing from students and alumni about their SU experiences.

“I had mentors that poured into me that not only prepared me for ministry, a job, and a career but helped prepare me for life.”

Beau Coffron, general ministry major, class of 2000

“Because of the experiences I’ve had at Simpson, every time I step on the campus, I get a feeling of home. This is where I got to dream about what God might have for me. This is where God gave me my calling.”

John Hinton, communication major, class of 2006

“I can’t imagine where my life would be if I hadn’t come to Simpson. The community environment was the biggest take away for me. It has such a great atmosphere.”

Darlene Huntsinger, business administration major, class of 2006

“The professors within and outside of my major were really supportive and really cared. They were really amazing examples of what I truly think it means to be an educator.”

Erika Villegas, liberal studies major, class of 2010

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