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“I’ve never been in a community where everyone embraces one another and really tries to help portray that we’re all different parts of the same body, that is Christ.”

Brandon Leake, psychology major

“Simpson is preparing me with skills to counsel adolescents and families, and they’re preparing me by showing to me what a real family is like.”

Falicia Schuman, psychology major

"Simpson has an overarching emphasis that we’re not just here to get an education but also to go out and serve.”

Adam Elledge, liberal studies major

“I felt the Lord place in me this desire to go to a university. What better place than Redding, California?”

Kinsey Beasley, cross-cultural studies major

“What attracted me to Simpson was the strong Christian focus and world missions major which I didn’t find at other Christian colleges in my hometown.”

Pablo Aguliar, cross-cultural studies major

“The most impactful thing for me at Simpson is the people. They’re very genuine, very Christlike. The professors are great. They really care about you and your academic success.”

Marvin Delgado, psychology and nursing major

“Life as a nursing student is intense. As nursing students, we learn to serve people as whole individuals, not just treat them medically."

Rachel Rhyne, nursing major

“I transferred to Simpson because of the atmosphere on campus, the feel, the people, the focus and intentions of the professors. It was the best decision I ever made.”

Jeff Porter, business administration major

“The cross-cultural studies major has equipped me to know how to communicate cross-culturally. My desire is to go overseas one day.”

Sarah Parodi, cross-cultural studies major