Social Media Policy

Policy Title:
Simpson University Social Media Policy
Date Approved by Cabinet:
In Process of Formal Approval
Policy Administration and Compliance:
Simpson University Marketing Department  (530) 226-4508
Last Amended:
June 28, 2013


This social media policy applies to all individuals (faculty, staff, students, etc.) involved with the creation and administration of any third-party web space (including but not limited to sites like,,, etc.) who are representing Simpson University or producing content on behalf of the university in these various web channels.


Simpson University has developed and endorsed this social media policy to properly portray, promote and protect the university and to assist students, employees and faculty in creating and managing various branded social media accounts and web applications.

Simpson University’s Marketing Department views social media as an important and relevant form of communication with prospective and current students, alumni, parents, donors, and other friends of the university. As such, all administrators of Simpson University-related social media channels need to abide by this policy.


Simpson University is the sole owner of profiles, access (usernames and passwords), content, and subscriber (followers, friends, etc.) lists on any Simpson University website or social media channel. If part of your responsibilities include maintaining a Simpson University social media site, you will follow the university-prescribed set-up and management procedures. You agree to follow all of the procedures outlined by the Marketing Department before setting up a social media account or web space on behalf of the university or any university group. This includes abiding by and submitting to branding guidance, I.T. policy and account registration procedures.

To Apply

To apply, go to/


Simpson University requires two administrators per social media account. Two students cannot be administrators of a social media account. A Simpson University staff or faculty member must account for at least one of the social media account administrators. In order to be a content manager or administrator you must be either a currently enrolled student or employee of Simpson University. NOTE: Volunteers and outside contributors can NOT be managers or administrators (account owners).

To ensure the accuracy, consistency, and uniformity of all social media content, the Simpson University website administrator must have full access (administrative access) to all Simpson University social media sites. You will provide this account access to the website administrator when you set up an account and will make sure he/she has access prior to your leaving for another employment opportunity, graduating from the university,or withdrawing from this responsibility for any reason.

Content Rules

If you are asked to maintain or update a Simpson University social media site, you will NOT endorse political candidates, enter into advertising agreements or exchanges, or make statements that do not accurately reflect the views of the university.

When you say or post something online, it is hard, if not impossible, to delete or retract, so think carefully before posting (1 Peter 4:11, Matt. 12:37). Discuss with your supervisor about when you are empowered to respond directly to users and when you may need approval. Refrain from responding/posting in an angered state. Additionally, please take extended, unrelated, personal conversations outside of official university channels. Expect anything you post (regardless) to be public and permanent.

Privacy: You WILL vehemently protect our students' right to privacy and will familiarize yourself with the Simpson University Privacy Policy ( and FERPA regulations. (

Content administrators will become familiar with the terms of service and policies of sites and networks in which we participate. Pay attention to updates. If the legal language is hard to follow, consult your supervisor or ask the SU website administrator.

If you are responsible for maintaining a Simpson social media channel and are supervising any student(s) who are assisting in that effort, you are prohibited from requiring or requesting a student, prospective student, or student group to disclose, access, or divulge their personal social media profiles or information pertaining to their personal social media accounts.

See Senate Bill No. 1349, CHAPTER 619 for more information.

Copyright: You will NOT plagiarize or post images or any content that is protected by copyright. In general, only post photos/video you have taken or have permission from the photographer to post. Contact the marketing team ( to get an official SU logo for the site you are using, or to schedule a photo/video shoot if needed.

NCAA: If you are creating or are a content manager of an athletics-centered social media site, we ask that you do not contact or “friend” any prospective student-athletes until they have signed on official letter of intent with the university. This policy is in line with the NCAA recruiting regulations.

Application Process

All Simpson University social media sites will go through a review and application process. Those involved in the review process include Simpson University’s website administrator, Simpson University’s marketing director, and the faculty and staff member who is submitting the application.

As part of the application process, you will be required to agree to abide by this policy and will also sign a social media agreement. You agree to follow Simpson University's brand and social media guidelines.

Students will need the support of a Simpson University staff or faculty member supervisor to oversee their proposed social media site. Students will not be able to create and maintain a social media site without a faculty or staff supervisor.

You will find the Social Media Application here:

List of university-recognized social media sites

All university-approved social media sites will be listed on Simpson University’s main website at If your social media site is not currently listed on the university’s social media page, please contact the Web Site Administrator at

Failure to Adhere to This Policy

If you fail to adhere to this policy, the following consequences can be put in effect immediately.

  • The site will be taken over/maintained by the marketing department
  • The offender will lose administrator privileges
  • The site will be deleted