Important Dates and Vacation Days

Here is a list of vacation dates and other dates that may be important to you. There are certain days of the year that residences are closed to students during vacation. Those dates are also listed below.

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Fall 2014 Semester

August 29-September 1 Fri-Mon New Student Orientation - TUG
September 2 Tue Classes Begin - TUG and Tozer Seminary
October 10-13* Fri-Mon* Columbus Weekend Vacation (Offices open Mon)
November 26-28 Wed-Fri Thanksgiving Vacation (Offices Closed Thursday and Friday)
December 8-12 Mon-Fri Final Examinations
December 15-January 5 Winter Break

Spring 2015 Semester

January 4-5 Sun-Mon New Student Orientation - TUG
January 6 Tue Classes Begin: TUG, Tozer, Education, MACP
January 10 Sat Commencement (10am, 2pm)
January 19* Mon* M.L. King Jr. Day (Offices Closed)
February 16* Mon* President's Day (Offices Closed)
March 23-27 Mon-Fri Spring Break
April 3 Fri Good Friday (Offices Closed)
April 20-23 Mon-Thr Final Examinations
April 24 Fri Baccalaureate (7pm)
April 25 Sat Commencement for Spring Graduates (10am)

Simpson University reserves the right to change this calendar as necessary.

*Monday only classes meet.