Mentoring Information

Peer mentoring is available to Simpson University students through the Academic Success Center. Our major focus is on the core level classes, but we do provide mentoring as available for upper level classes. Students are expected to come having completed the reading and assignments for which they desire clarification on and help understanding. Mentors will provide students with techniques to learn, organize, and understand the information that is presented in class and through the texts. Mentors will not do your homework for you. For more information or for the mentoring schedule contact the ASC.

How to get a Mentor

  1. Come into the office to fill out an Academic Support Request Form.
  2. We will match you with one of our mentors and give them your contact information.
  3. The mentor will personally contact you within 48 hours to set up an appointment.

What you need to bring to Mentor Session

  1. Please bring your textbook and notes to your mentor appointments.
  2. Class Syllabus
  3. Any specific question you may have.

What you can expect from a Mentor

  • Mentors will guide you and help you find the answers yourself.
  • Mentors will not give you all the answers.
  • Mentors will teach you how to study effectively and find any resources you need to be successful in your course.
  • Mentors will not do your assignment for you.