Career Exploration

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FOCUS 2 offers five short assessments: Holland Code Interests, Personality, Values, Skills, Leisure Interests

It will enable you to consider your unique qualities and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results.

Use FOCUS 2 to help you choose or change your major and also to verify your career preferences. Students who use FOCUS make better decisions about their goals and plans and learn how to self-manage their careers.

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  • expert career development and research information
  • resume, cover letter, and interviewing preparation
  • job postings, networking and social media integration from and

CareerBeam for Alumni

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MAPP Assessment

Understand yourself better with MAPP Assessments. The MAPP Assessment Test is fun and easy, so get started now!

  • It takes about 22 minutes. It is important to take it rather quickly, since MAPP wants the "reflexive" answer, not the "intellectual" answer.
  • Stop by the Career Office in 208 Owens to get your personal KeyCodes. You will then go to, and take the MAPP Assessment. Your results will be returned by email within one hour after completion.
  • This assessment will provide you with excellent understanding of self to start you on your way to finding careers that they are most suited for you. The success of this particular assessment is attributed to its ability to evaluate and determine how each student is motived. The correlation between your personal attributes, strengths, and interest pave the way for great personal understanding.
  • Each trait gets a ranking from 1 to 5. The number 1 means the individual is highly motivated, down to a 5, where the individual is not very motivated. This evaluation process allows you to understand different levels of motivation to help determine good potential career paths for you.
  • You will receive a very detailed MAPP Summary, which discusses and defines your six strongest individual attributes.
  • Finally, the great news is that you will have permanent access to your assessment as your travel through you career seeking process.


  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Heart and Passion
  • Abilities and Talents
  • Personality
  • Experiences and Education

God gives us gifts, talents, desires and abilities so we will enjoy using them to further His Kingdom!

Have you explored your talents and abilities? Do you know what you would like to do? Do you know what contributions you would like to make to the world?

Discovering how He has equipped you is a process. If you would like some guidance and encouragement, contact the Career Services Counselor.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” — Col. 3:23-24

Alliance Coaching Network

About Coaching: Our goal is to help developing leaders discover their call and grow in character and competencies so they can effectively contribute to the growth of the Church worldwide. While there are various leadership development models, we believe one of the most effective is the coaching relationship. Coaching is focused on drawing out the potential that God has birthed in leaders, helping to bring them to a place of wholeness, fulfillment, and effectiveness in life and ministry.

We believe God uniquely created each person to become someone special and to do something exceptional. The coach honors the uniqueness of each individual and their calling by not assuming simply an advice-giving role. Coaches believe growing leaders can find their own answers but often need some help getting there. They also provide a supportive environment to help leaders discover what God has for them. This process will prepare developing leaders to find their own answers when the coach isn’t around.

A key distinctive of the coaching relationship is that those who are being coached are in the driver’s seat: they choose their own growth goals, think through their options, and decide on their next steps. The coach actively listens and asks reflective questions, offers support, and sensitively challenge their beliefs and behaviors. Advice-giving is kept to a minimum so that the developing leader can discover Holy Spirit-inspired solutions. As coaches walk alongside developing leaders, they help them to be intentional about their growth and discovery while motivating them toward excellence in their journey.

To learn more about the Alliance Coaching Network, visit