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Residence life is an integral part to the Simpson experience. It is a place to build community and make lifelong friends. Simpson has six residence halls-- two for men, three for women, and one is co-ed. The two men’s residence halls are Thompson-Mangham and Currie-Ediger. The three women’s residence halls are Irwin-Shellrude, Morgan-Sharpe, and Cooper-Heath. Measell-Taylor is our co-ed residence hall. Each residence hall has facilities such as a kitchen, laundry rooms and prayer rooms. Each room is equipped with beds, dressers, desks, and a private bathroom, as well as air-conditioning/heating control and access to high-speed Internet.

  • Our Residence Halls
  • Faculty in Residence Program

    Simpson University's Faculty in Residence (FIR) program is an effort to extend intellectual conversation beyond the classroom. Participating faculty live in an apartment within a residence hall and work to create a welcoming space in which to explore ideas and stimulate honest conversation.

    Mission: In the tradition of St. Anselm's "faith seeking understanding", our mission is to create a safe, non-judgmental place to examine ideas and pose questions.

    About the Golovays: Dr. Shani Golovay is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Simpson University. She and her husband, Oleg, and their 3 handsome sons, Elusha (8), Yoseph (5) and Esaiah (3), live in the Currie-Ediger residence hall. Their hobbies include legos, minecraft, swimming and riding bicycles. As a family, they like to be active in the outdoors. They can be seen on campus riding small bikes, chasing geese and exploring nature together. They also travel to Ukraine often and would love to tell you all about their other home.

    The Golovays lived and worked at Schloss Mittersill in Austria where they experienced authentic community while studying theology together in a castle in the Alps. They have missed this community living and hope to bring some of this joy to Currie-Ediger.

    The Golovay family’s favorite foods to share are Ukrainian food, chocolate and crepes. They enjoy sharing conversation, meals, and a good cup of tea. Stop by, chances are the teapot is on.

    About the Philippians: Dr. Mardy Philippian and his family will this fall be joining the Faculty in Residence program at Simpson University, living in the Morgan-Sharpe Residence Hall. The Philippians are excited about this opportunity to live among students in a communal arrangement, an interest they developed many years ago while undergraduates when they read Sheldon Vanauken’s A Severe Mercy (1987), a college professor’s autobiographical narrative set against the backdrop of living in close relationship with college students. The Philippians have been married for sixteen years and have two sons, Samuel (9 years) and Oliver (5 years). Samuel is an avid amateur astronomer and enjoys bicycle riding, non-fiction, and three-dimensional computer modeling. Oliver, also a lover of the cosmos, loves trains, school, and whatever his big brother is doing. Look for the Philippians this fall to be out each night with their Orion Starblast 6, a dobsonian telescope that makes easily visible the moon’s contours, Jupiter’s four largest moons, and other wonders in the night sky. A member of the Department of English at Simpson University for the past nine years, Professor Philippian is a specialist in English Renaissance literature and culture and has served for the past seven years as the Writing Center Director. Serena, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in small business management (Purdue University 2002), has been a professional florist for the past fourteen years. He and his wife believe that the university is a wonderfully unique cultural institution that allows people to develop an enriching social life that is driven by academic interests and ultimately by life-long learning. The Philippians hope to bring their love of conversation, books, music, films, food, and community into Morgan-Sharpe this fall.

  • Residence Life Mission Statement

    Simpson University believes that living on campus is a valuable facet of the university experience. Campus living offers the advantage of close fellowship with other students, opportunities to develop/grow in various aspects of personal life, and easy involvement with university activities. As an integral part of Simpson University, a goal of residence life is help facilitate the holistic development of residential students. This responsibility is accomplished through fostering a living-learning environment conducive to students' academic success and personal development. The entire residence life staff works together as a trained team and acts as a valuable resource to residents. Below, you will find further clarification of the roles they play.

  • Residence Life Structure

    Resident Assistants (RA): Part-time student staff trained to provide leadership to the assigned section of their floor. They promote community and serve residents through their knowledge of vast resources. There are typically six RAs per residence hall.

    Student Resident Directors (SRD): Part-time student staff trained to provide supervision, social media, leadership, and support to their RA team. Typically, SRDs are upperclassmen who have had experience as an RA. There is one SRD per residence hall.

    Residence Life Assistants (RLA): Part-time student staff trained to assist the Residence Life program with budget, social media, administrative duties, housing assignments, and, in general, support the overflow needs of the program. The RLAs are directly responsible to the Residence Life Coordinator.

    Residence Life Coordinator (RLC): Full-time professional live-in staff. The RLC provides leadership development, mentoring, redemptive discipline, building management, and other administrative duties. The RLC offices is located in the main lobby of Currie-Ediger.

    Residence Life Supervisor (RLS): Full-time professional live-in staff. The RLS provides the overall leadership, management and supervision to the entire Residence Life program. The RLS office is located in the main lobby of Morgan-Sharpe.

    Faculty in Residence (FIR) Program: Simpson University's Faculty in Residence (FIR) program is an effort to extend intellectual conversation beyond the classroom. Participating faculty live in an apartment within a residence hall and work to create a welcoming space in which to explore ideas and stimulate honest conversation. In the tradition of St. Anselm's "faith seeking understanding", the FIR mission is to create a safe, non-judgmental place to examine ideas and pose questions.

    Staff Residing on Campus (SROC): The Staff Residing on Campus (SROC) program is an effort to equip our residence halls with professionals who are willing and ready to bless and invest in residential students’ lives and assist the full time professional Residence Life staff. SROCs live with and positively influence traditional undergraduates throughout the year.

  • Adopt-A-Floor Program

    The Adopt-A-Floor program coincides with the goal of residence life staff to make the residence halls a thriving learning experience. This program gives students exposure to faculty and staff outside of the classroom. Members of faculty and staff, across disciplines, are given the opportunity to 'adopt' one of the residence hall floors across campus. The residence life staff of each floor work closely with their adopter to foster a unique relationship. Typical involvement includes faculty attendance at student led events and even faculty led events such as an educational movie viewings and discussion. There are currently 15 faculty and staff members actively involved in this program.

  • Student Behavior Assessment Team

    The Student Behavior Assessment Team – a partnership between Academics, Enrollment Management, and Student Development – is a safe place to report concerns you have about a student who may be in need of encouragement and counsel. By making a referral to the team, you are not making a determination regarding your concern but are allowing the appropriate campus officials to do so.

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