Irwin-Shellrude Mission

To encourage and facilitate a healthy living-learning environment that builds healthy habits to support academic pursuits, personal well-being and creativity for all residents.

Unique Irwin Events and Traditions

  • Club Irwin (our oldest and most distinguished event): with a new theme every year to reflect the different personalities present in our residence hall
  • Residence Hall Retreats: emphasizing our intimate community, Irwin residents "retreat" away from the many responsibilities and distractions we face in our daily life and commune in a special way, gaining deeper bonds between ourselves and the Lord
  • Sporadic worship sessions by residents: There are constantly students that use lobbies as a place of worship. Many afternoons and evenings you can hear the melodies of guitar playing and worshiping voices floating through the residence hall.
  • Glow in the dark capture the flag: a highly competitive game played with our brother residence hall, Thompson-Mangham. Residents of all skill levels can play
  • Fellowship and Friendship: our open kitchen is constantly full of communing residents and our large lobbies make Irwin a popular place for residents to fellowship and hang out with one another without being confined by the more intimate lobby spaces

Hall Amenities

  • Full community kitchen
  • Full laundry facilities
  • Lobby on each floor
  • Flat-screen with Direct TV

Hall Floor Plans