Measell-Taylor Mission

To embody love, responsibility, and maturity; to live out the Matthew 18 policy in our everyday actions; and to look out for each other; to be a light and example to the underclassmen halls in showing them what it means to live out the Simpson Way.

Unique Measell Events and Traditions

  • Monthly BBQs and themed dinners (one of the most treasured and well attended Measell events): Students enjoy potluck style dinners and take advantage of the back patio. Also referred to as "Family Dinner," this event brings hall together for a little quality time and good eating.
  • Holiday Decorating: everybody loves Christmas, seniors included. Measell enjoys participating in the activities by lighting up the whole residence hall with Christmas lights, drinking hot chocolate, eating candy canes, and watching Christmas movies aplenty.
  • Chuck Norris Birthday Cutout: Out of all the events, this is what makes Measell unique. A large sized Chuck Norris cutout with a birthday sign finds his way in front of each person's door on their day of birth. He's been known to surprise many of the students on their birthdays, because after all, "Did you know Chuck Norris doesn't blow out his birthday candles? He simply stares at them and they go out in fear."

Hall Floor Plans