Morgan-Sharpe Mission

To encourage spiritual growth through prayer and worship nights, as well as providing opportunities for women to form close knit friendships.

Unique Morgan Events and Traditions

  • White Out (one of our oldest traditions): the biggest and best dance party of the year, complete with black lights and great music...women of Morgan-Sharpe only!
  • Chic's & Noodles: a semi-formal dinner, dessert, and entertainment night put on by and for the women of Morgan-Sharpe and the men of our brother hall, Currie-Ediger
  • Community Service Projects although our projects differ each year, we tend to have a focus on the elderly in our community who need a helping hand or a loving connection with students
  • Worship Nights: Morgan residents gather to pray and worship with one another in our hall or at the fire pit
  • Mad Hatters Tea: hosted by Morgan-Sharpe, a tea and luncheon for all Simpson women to enjoy food, dynamic speakers, and getting dressed up! Prizes are awarded for the craziest hats!
  • 12 Days of Christmas: our way of kicking off Christmas break by watching a Christmas movie and eating snacks in a different resident's room during the 12 nights before dead week!
  • End of the year BBQ (our last event of the year): a trip to Whiskeytown Lake where together we enjoy food and fun before finals!

Hall Amenities

  • Full community kitchen
  • Full laundry facilities
  • Lobby on each floor
  • Flat-screen with Direct TV

Hall Floor Plans