Student Behavior Assessment Team

Simpson University takes seriously its responsibility as a Christ-centered community to care for its students. Our hope for students is that they will be healthy in mind, body and spirit. One way we can contribute to student success is to provide assistance to the student about whom there is a concern.

The Student Behavior Assessment Team – a partnership between Academics, Enrollment Management, and Student Development – is a safe place to report concerns you have about a student's actions towards himself/herself or others, or report a student who may be in need of encouragement and counsel.

When should I contact the Student Behavior Assessment Team?

If a student behaves in a way that poses concern to any aspect of the Simpson University community, that behavior should be reported and a referral made to the committee as soon as possible.

Examples of concerning behavior could include signs of depression or anxiety, not eating or socializing in a way the student once did, withdrawal or excessive amounts of time away from others, panic attack(s), or doing poorly in his/her studies.

What not to report

The Student Behavior Assessment Team is not for reporting suspected behavioral violations of the Traditional Undergraduate Handbook. In these instances, use the Matthew 18:15 process as a guiding principle as found in the Traditional Undergraduate Handbook. The Student Behavior Assessment Team is primarily for reporting matters where there is concern that the physical or mental well-being of students may be in question and professional help may be needed. If you wish to report suspected behavioral misconduct, or for more information on Simpson's disciplinary process, please email Jessica Christian at If your concern is regarding sexual misconduct or gender discrimination then please contact Kori Oechsli, Title IX Coordinator, at

If an immediate threat is at hand (bomb threat, shooter on campus, etc.), please contact Campus Safety or call 911 immediately. Suspicious persons on campus or other campus safety concerns should also be reported immediately to Campus Safety. You may file a suspicious person or activity report by contacting Campus Safety at (530) 941-7592 (x2911 from a campus phone).

What if I am wrong about the person?

You are reporting a concern and making a referral based on a behavior you have observed (e.g., verbal exchange, action), not making a determination. By reporting and making a referral to the appropriate campus representatives, a determination can be made and potential problems, concerns or tragedies may be averted. If you are comfortable doing so, tell the student that you are concerned and ask if he/she is okay. In many cases students will indicate that they could use some help and you will be able to refer them to the Counseling Center.

To make a behavioral observation report, use the incident report form located below (click on "Make a Report").

Student Behavior Assessment Team Members

Dr. Mike Loomis Kevin Bennie Louis Burkwhat Jessica Christian Mark Endraske Bev Klaiber Dennis Smith
Mike Loomis
AVP for Student Development
Kevin Bennie
Campus Pastor
Louis Burkwhat
Director of Academic Success Center
Jessica Christian
Coordinator of Student Accountability
Mark Endraske
Director of Residence Life
Bev Klaiber
Director of the Wellness Center
Dennis Smith
Campus Safety Operations Coordinator