Organizational Leadership (ASPIRE)

12-16 Months to a Degree in Organizational Leadership (on campus and online)

ASPIRE's Organizational Leadership degree will give you the tools you need to succeed as a leader in profit and non-profit organizations. Designed for students with work experience and/or strong interests in interdisciplinary studies and administrative or supervisory careers, the Organizational Leadership degree will enhance your individual effectiveness in leadership positions and develop you into a leader who can not only engage in bold acts, but can also inspire effective leadership in others. This degree is offered in a classroom format and an online format.

  • On-Campus Program Structure

    ASPIRE's unique class structure is designed to accommodate busy adults. You'll take one class at a time — one evening a week, with each class designed to build on the knowledge gained in the previous class. In this way, you'll move through your degree program in a step-by-step, structured class schedule that allows you to focus your full attention on the material you need to know in your chosen field. It's a process that optimizes learning, leading to greater assimilation and stronger retention of the knowledge and tools you need to compete in the marketplace.

  • Online Program Structure
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    The online Organizational Leadership program allows you to pursue your education without changing your schedule. As a completely online program, you can complete your degree on time – your time.

    After taking a short online Orientation course, you will be prepared to participate in the online courses. The Organizational Leadership program consists of 12 online courses and a capstone portfolio. Each course is five weeks long, running from Monday through Sunday and students take one course at a time. Find out more about this option under our Online Delivery page.

  • 12-Month On-Campus Program

    First Semester

    • Group and Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Learning and Motivation
    • Introduction to the Bible

    Second Semester

    • Social Psychology
    • Ethics in Human Relationships
    • Christianity and World Religions

    Third Semester

    • Human Resource Management
    • Management of Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership and Change

    Online Concentrations (One course per semester for 11-weeks)

    Christian Leadership

    • Introduction to Church and Ministry
    • Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
    • Global Evangelism and Missions

    Leadership Studies

    • Organizational Systems and Systems Thinking
    • Survey of Leadership and Performance
    • Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    Leadership in the Public Sector

    • Public Administration
    • Politics and Policy
    • Economic Development
  • 16-Month Online Program

    First Semester

    • Learning and Motivation
    • Ethics in Human Relationships
    • Group Communication

    Second Semester

    • Introduction to the Bible
    • Communicating Cross-Culturally
    • Social Psychology

    Third Semester

    • Environmental Science
    • Christianity and World Religions
    • Human Resource Management

    Fourth Semester

    • Management of Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership in Organizations
    • Transformative Leadership

    *This program requires participation in a program-long capstone project. Reflection papers are written each semester and a final paper is submitted at the end of the program.

View our Catalog for full course descriptions.

An Organizational Leadership degree will prepare you for careers in a variety of fields, including:

HR Administration

Operations Manager



Department Store Management

Market Representation

Brand Management

Staff Consultation

Customer Service Management

Research Analysis


Contract Negotiation / Mediation

Hotel Management

Employee Training / Recruitment

Personnel Management / Analysis

Art Direction

Business Management

Public Relations Management

Logistics Consultation

Community Relations

Division / Regional Management

Press Relations

Media Planning

Insurance Benefits Coordination

Some of these occupations may require additional coursework in another area.

“Working in the non-profit field for the past 10 years, I knew that eventually I would like to become an executive director. I knew I would need to have the skills and education to take on such a challenge. After reading more about Simpson’s organizational leadership program, I felt it would give me the tools I would need to become an effective leader.”Regina Weston, Class of 2016

“I see differences in my leadership style, including my skills, knowledge, and abilities. I am able to apply the things I have learned in a real world environment.”Troy Davenport, Class of 2016

“The experiences and knowledge I have gained because of the program have already helped me in my career. I feel much more equipped for any challenges that may come my way.”Jeffrey Arndt, Class of 2014

“The thing that I found most rewarding was my cohort. We really connected and bonded as friends. My cohort shared 16 months that we won’t soon forget. I am blessed to have had this experience, and I only hope to take this knowledge and bless others with it.”Stephanie Rebelo, Class of 2013

“The ASPIRE program not only helped me realize my educational goals, but it also gave me the desire and confidence to expand the scope of my dreams.”Sarah Lawhorne, Class of 2013

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