Organizational Leadership (ASPIRE)

12-16 Months to a Degree in Organizational Leadership (on campus and online)

ASPIRE's Organizational Leadership degree will give you the tools you need to succeed as a leader in profit and non-profit organizations. Designed for students with work experience and/or strong interests in interdisciplinary studies and administrative or supervisory careers, the Organizational Leadership degree will enhance your individual effectiveness in leadership positions and develop you into a leader who can not only engage in bold acts, but can also inspire effective leadership in others. This degree is offered in a classroom format and an online format.

  • On-Campus Program Structure

    ASPIRE's unique class structure is designed to accommodate busy adults. You'll take one class at a time — one evening a week, with each class designed to build on the knowledge gained in the previous class. In this way, you'll move through your degree program in a step-by-step, structured class schedule that allows you to focus your full attention on the material you need to know in your chosen field. It's a process that optimizes learning, leading to greater assimilation and stronger retention of the knowledge and tools you need to compete in the marketplace.

  • Online Program Structure
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    The online Organizational Leadership program allows you to pursue your education without changing your schedule. As a completely online program, you can complete your degree on time – your time.

    After taking a short online Orientation course, you will be prepared to participate in the online courses. The Organizational Leadership program consists of 12 online courses and a capstone portfolio. Each course is five weeks long, running from Monday through Sunday and students take one course at a time. Find out more about this option under our Online Delivery page.

  • 12-Month On-Campus Program

    First Semester

    • Group and Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Learning and Motivation
    • Introduction to the Bible

    Second Semester

    • Social Psychology
    • Ethics in Human Relationships
    • Christianity and World Religions

    Third Semester

    • Human Resource Management
    • Management of Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership and Change

    Online Concentrations (One course per semester for 11-weeks)

    Christian Leadership

    • Introduction to Church and Ministry
    • Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
    • Global Evangelism and Missions

    Leadership Studies

    • Organizational Systems and Systems Thinking
    • Survey of Leadership and Performance
    • Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    Leadership in the Public Sector

    • Public Administration
    • Politics and Policy
    • Economic Development
  • 16-Month Online Program

    First Semester

    • Learning and Motivation
    • Ethics in Human Relationships
    • Group Communication

    Second Semester

    • Introduction to the Bible
    • Communicating Cross-Culturally
    • Social Psychology

    Third Semester

    • Environmental Science
    • Christianity and World Religions
    • Human Resource Management

    Fourth Semester

    • Management of Organizational Behavior
    • Leadership in Organizations
    • Transformative Leadership

    *This program requires participation in a program-long capstone project. Reflection papers are written each semester and a final paper is submitted at the end of the program.

View our Catalog for full course descriptions.

An Organizational Leadership degree will prepare you for careers in a variety of fields, including:

HR Administration

Operations Manager



Department Store Management

Market Representation

Brand Management

Staff Consultation

Customer Service Management

Research Analysis


Contract Negotiation / Mediation

Hotel Management

Employee Training / Recruitment

Personnel Management / Analysis

Art Direction

Business Management

Public Relations Management

Logistics Consultation

Community Relations

Division / Regional Management

Press Relations

Media Planning

Insurance Benefits Coordination

Some of these occupations may require additional coursework in another area.