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Established in October 2007, the seminary bears the name of A.W. Tozer (1897-1963) and is part of Simpson University. The seminary originally began in 1977 in San Francisco as the Graduate School of Ministry at Simpson College.

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary is for people who long to know God personally and have resolved to learn better how to mine for the treasures of God's self-revelation in Scripture, in the church's shared thinking about God's Word, in creation, and worship and prayer. The focus at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary is to teach students, to love students, to help students, and to pray for students as they become graduates who go into the world as disciple-making witnesses of Christ, giving to others from the treasures of Christ, all to the glory of God.

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary Locations

Our primary campus is located in Redding, CA. We also have AWT Learning Centers in Columbia, MO, and Woodland, CA.

  • It’s about calling, character, and competence

    Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our seminarians grow multi-dimensionally: in their calling as Christ followers; in character filled with grace and the Spirit; in competence and capacity to serve; and in confidence to think, speak, and act Christianly.

  • It’s for men and women in ministry who want to finish seminary

    Tozer is especially designed for men and women who are serving in ministry settings but have not yet finished their theological training. Our educational format is designed to allow you to stay in your ministry setting while finishing your education.

  • It’s led by practitioner-teacher-scholar faculty

    Our faculty members are adjunct by design. The men and women who teach our courses are practitioners in ministry; they are appropriately trained and credentialed to teach graduate level education; and are scholars in the context of being godly disciples!

  • It’s about an opportunity for a tailored approach

    While we seek to provide a comprehensive education based on our learning outcomes, we are sensitive to individual needs, gifts, and skills. We will work hard to hear your story and help you tailor your education to meet your felt needs and opportunities. For some, it may take the form of “stackable education” in that the seminarian needs coursework for licensure. Then after completing licensure or ordination, the individual returns to the seminary to complete a degree.

  • Tozer Seminary Admissions Staff
    Amy Warner

    Amy Warner - Recruiter for Adult Studies and Grad Studies

    (530) 226-4198

  • Tozer Seminary Office Staff

    Karen Winters, Tozer Student Services Coordinator

    (530) 226-4749

  • Tozer Seminary Faculty

    Tozer faculty are disciples first, scholars second. Every faculty member at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary is expected to live as a disciple-making role model for students. At Tozer, it is recognized that intellectual formation inevitably works in tandem with spiritual formation; the two cannot be separated in practice. In stark contrast to a Wissenschaft model of higher education in which both teacher and student focus on their discipline without regard for who they are before God, Tozer Seminary uses a Christian paideia model that calls for teacher and student alike to be accountable in their character as they do their scholarship.

    • Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., Intercultural Studies

      Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies


      Dr. Stephen Bailey has served as Professor of Intercultural Studies at Simpson University where he teaches Community Development and Intercultural Studies. Dr. Bailey was previously involved in relief and development work in Thailand and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic for seventeen years with CAMA Services.


      • Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • Th.M., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • M.Div., Alliance Theological Seminary
      • B.A., Wheaton College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Self Awareness and Intercultural Sensibilities


      • “Communication Strategies for Christian Witness Among the Lao.” in Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World. David Lim and Steve Spaulding eds. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library. 2003. Pp.210.
      • “Ritual, Relationship, and Religious Liberty in Laos.” in The BrandyWine Review of Faith & International Affairs. Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 2004. Council on Faith & International Affairs. Pp.3-10.
      • To view more of Dr. Bailey's publications, visit Simpson University's scholarly activities page.
    • Dan Berger, Ph.D., Christian Communication

      Adjunct Professor of Christian Communication


      Dr. Berger has been a professor of communication at Simpson University in Redding, Calif., since 2004. An award-winning poet, Dr. Berger is the author of three books and a former senior pastor at churches in North and South Dakota.


      • Ph.D., University of Oregon
      • M.Div., North American Baptist Seminary
      • B.S., Western Baptist College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Rhetoric in Christian Leadership


      • Three books: Mysterious Romantic Wonder: Engaging Philosophy (Cengage Learning, 2008), Speaking the Truth in Love: Christian Public Rhetoric (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2007), and Oral Interpretation of the Bible (Wipf and Stock, 2003)
      • Communication of Assessment Results (American Association of Higher Education Conference, 1995)
      • Poetry and short stories in The Mustard Seed (Northwest Christian College Literary Journal 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997)
      • Magazine articles in The Christian Reader, The Baptist Herald and Workbench
      • Devotional articles in Our Daily Bread
    • Rod Casey, D.Min., Pastoral Ministry and Preaching

      Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Preaching


      Dr. Casey is senior associate pastor of Christian Formation at Woodcrest Chapel in Columbia, Missouri, where he has also served as executive pastor and pastoral care director. His passion for the local church, he says, "is eclipsed only by my seasonal insanity during Missouri basketball games." His heart is to "create safe places for people to connect Scripture to life."


      • D.Min., Talbot School of Theology
      • Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary
      • B.S., Tennessee Temple University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Preaching the Word
      • Evangelistic Preaching


      • "Learner Sensitive Preaching: Enhancing the Clarity and Relevance of Preaching for an Emerging Generation," doctoral project, 2003.
      • "Blue Man Preaching: Using Experience Preaching to Engage Your Listener," cover article for Preaching Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007.
    • Joel Comiskey, Ph.D., Writing for Publication

      Adjunct Professor of Writing for Publication


      Dr. Comiskey is founder and president of the Joel Comiskey Group, a resource ministry for worldwide cell church movement. A best-selling author, he is also the founder and coach of a cell church plant in Moreno Valley, Calif., conducts small-group seminars around the world, and teaches at several seminaries. For more than a decade he was a Christian & Missionary Alliance missionary in Ecuador. Additional pastoral experience includes an inner-city church plant in Long Beach, Calif.


      • Ph.D., M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • M.Div., Columbia International University (equivalent)
      • M.P.S., Alliance Theological Seminary

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Writing for Publication
      • Intercultural Sensibilities
      • Small Group and Discipleship
      • Church Planting


    • James Devine, D.Min., Spiritual Formation

      Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation



      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary


    • Bill Giovannetti, D.Min., Evangelism and Biblical Studies

      Adjunct Professor of Evangelism and Biblical Studies


      Dr. Giovannetti is lead pastor of Neighborhood Church of Redding, Calif. In addition to a pastoral background spanning more than 30 years, he is also a conference and retreat speaker.


      • D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Seminary
      • B.A., Trinity College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Catalytic Leadership: Stimulating People to Good Deeds
      • Biblical Interpretation
      • Old Testament: Pentateuch


      • How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World, Oxford, 2009.
      • “Love Management” in Focus on the Family magazine, February, 2008.
      • The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching, contributing author, Zondervan, 2006.
      • “Preaching to the Tattooed” in Leadership Journal, Spring, 2000.
      • "Ministering to the Tattooed," Leadership Journal, winter, 2000.
      • "Worship with Modest Means," Leadership Journal, fall, 1997.
      • Mastering Contemporary Worship, contributing author (one chapter), Christianity Today Publications, 1997.
      • "A Strategy for Linking Church Planting with Crusade Evangelism," doctoral dissertation, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1996.
      • Empowering Your Church Through Creativity and Change, contributing author (one chapter), Random House, 1995.
      • “Bad Bosses of the Bible” in In Touch magazine.
      • “Robust Worship With Modest Means” in Leadership Journal, Spring, 1994.
      • “The Knockout Blow to Legalism,” in In Touch Magazine.
      • Regular Contributor: Stand Firm magazine, a men’s devotional publication from LifeWay Resources. Contributing 4-6 devotionals each issue.
    • Arthur Grey, D.Min., Legal and Financial Management

      Adjunct Legal and Financial Management with Non-Profits


      Dr. Art Gray is currently serving churches as a certified Life Coach and as an Executive Director of GraysMatters Ministry and Consulting. He has spent about 20 years working in the Los Angeles Legal System and has served as the Vice President for the Church of the Foursquare Gospel and as a pastor in both Inglewood and Long Beach, CA.


      • D.Min., Bakke Graduate University of the Ministry
      • J.D., Southwestern University School of Law
      • B.A., Loyola Marymount University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Politics, Legalities and Money
    • William Griffin, Ph.D., Old Testament and Hebrew

      Adjunct Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew


      Dr. Griffin is an assistant professor of ministry and Bible at Simpson University in Redding, Calif., where he has taught since 2004. An ordained minister, he has 25 years of parish experience.


      • Ph.D., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
      • M.Div., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
      • B.A., University of California, Davis

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Biblical Hebrew 1 and 2
      • Old Testament: Pentateuch
      • Old Testament: Kings and Prophets
      • Old Testament Studies
      • Christianity at Home and Work
      • Biblical Interpretation


      • "The Word" (a weekly online-published narrative-based Bible study, 2004-2005)
      • "(Re)Discovering a 'New' Old Way of Doing, and Being Church," Especially for Pastors, No. 106, June, 2004, A Monthly Newsletter of Lutheran Renewal.
    • George Haraksin, Ph.D. candidate, Philosophy of Religion and Theology

      Adjunct Professor of Philosophy of Religion


      George Haraksin is a speaker, teacher and pastor from San Dimas, Calif. His areas of teaching interest include philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of religion, ethics, theology, apologetics, and spiritual formation. He has led or co-led ministry teams to Serbia, Hungary, Southern India and Romania.


      • Ph.D. candidate, M.A. candidate, Claremont Graduate University
      • M.A., Talbot School of Theology
      • B.A., California State University, Fullerton

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Intellectual Leadership: Developing a Christian Mind
      • Authority of Scripture and Epistemology
      • Church & Society


      • "Vice" in Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture. Demarest, Bruce and Matthews, Keith eds. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2009.
      • "Virtue" in Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture. Demarest. Bruce and Matthews, Keith eds. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2009.
    • Leron Heath, D.Min., Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies

      Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies


      Dr. Heath is retired pastor of a church in Pleasanton, Calif. He has served as scholar-in-residence at Simpson University and taught at Alliance Graduate School in the Philippines.


      • D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • M.Div., Golden Gate Theological Seminary
      • B.A., Simpson College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Pursuing Wisdom
      • Lifelong Learning and Leadership
      • Pastoral Leadership
      • Practicing Effective Leadership
      • New Testament Studies
      • Christian Apologetics
      • Bonhoffer: Life and Thought
      • A.B. Simpson and A.W. Tozer Studies
      • Theology 2: Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and the Church


      • "Taming an Overwhelming Task," Alliance Life, February, 1991.
      • "Music in the Home," Alliance Life, January, 1988.
      • "For Whom Did Jesus Vote?" Alliance Life, July, 1988.
      • "The Christian and Political Power," Alliance Life, May, 1981.
      • "Addressing the Homosexual Rights Movement," The Alliance Witness, September, 1980.
      • "Apollos and the New Reality," The Alliance Witness, March, 1976.
      • "Surprised by Tozer," The Alliance Witness, December, 1976.
      • Why I Preach from a Modern Translation," The Alliance Witness, January, 1974.
      • "Hope in Day of Despair," The Alliance Witness, October, 1972.
    • David A. Lopez, J.D., Ministry Leadership and Administration

      Adjunct Professor of Ministry Leadership and Administration


      David A. Lopez is the lead faculty director for the Aspire School of Continuing Education’s Business and Human Resource Management (BHRM) Program and the adjunct professor of Business (Aspire) and Transformational Community Development at Simpson University.

      Professor Lopez has been with Simpson University for eight years. Along with his colleague, Dr. David Strong, he developed and launched the Transformational Community Development minor for SU in 2008. Moreover, Lopez held professional positions as Chairman and CEO of several organizations and is the current President and CEO of the Alliance Centers of Legal Advocates, LLC (ACLA).


      • J.D., William Howard Taft University
      • M.B.A., Eastern University
      • B.S., William Jessup University
      • A.S., San Joaquin Delta College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Catalytic Leadership: Stimulating People to Good Deeds
      • Church and Society
    • Tom Mount, Ph.D., Theology

      Adjunct Professor of Theology


      Tom is a pastor at Neighborhood Church of Chico where he lives with his wife, Lynn, and youngest daughter, Natalie. He also consults with church and business leaders in the areas of temperaments, team dynamics, spiritual formation, and leadership both in the United States and Russia.


      • Ph.D. student, South African Theological Seminary
      • M.A., A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary
      • B.A., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Events in Church History
      • Theology 1: God, Revelation, and Humanity
      • Theology 2: Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and the Church
      • Suffering and Healing
    • Glenn Myers, Ph.D., Church History

      Adjunct Professor of Church History


      Glenn Myers is professor of Church History and Theological Studies at Crown College where he has taught since 1998. He has ministered in various pastoral roles, as well as serving for four years as a missionary in Eastern Europe. He is ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


      • Ph.D., Boston University
      • Th.M., Regent College
      • M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theologically Seminary
      • B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Events in Church History


      • Seeking Spiritual Intimacy: Journeying Deeper with Medieval Women of Faith, Formatio Series, InterVarsity Press, 2011
      • Articles in the Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, Zondervan, 2011
        • “Angela of Foligno”
        • “Beguines”
        • “Bonaventure”
        • “Camaldolese Spirituality”
        • "Carthusian Spirituality”
        • “John Scotus Eriugena”
        • “Gilbert of Sempringham”
        • "Joachim of Fiore”
        • “Masculine Spirituality”
        • “Mendicant Spirituality”
        • "Military Orders”
        • “Platonism and Neoplatonism”
        • “Prayer Meeting”
      • Popular Articles on Christian Spirituality
        • Articles in CBN.com:
          • Radical Christians: Friends of God Movement,” 2012
          • “Delving into God’s Depths: Johannes Tauler,” 2012
          • "Augustine’s Restless Heart,” 2011
          • “The Sweet Presence of Jesus,” 2011
          • “Bernard of Clairvaux: Fiery Preacher,” 2010
          • “The St. Francis Revival,” 2010
          • “How Medieval Women Kept Revival Alive,” 2009
      • Various articles on website deepwellswithglennmyers.blogspot.com
      • “Think About It!” Discipleship Journal, July 1997
      • Series on “Maturing in Ministry” in ABE Journal, 1996-7
    • Jackson Painter, Ph.D., New Testament

      Adjunct Professor of New Testament


      Dr. Painter is an associate professor of New Testament at Simpson University in Redding, Calif., where he came in 2002 after serving as a Christian and Missionary Alliance missionary in the Philippines. His experience includes music and youth ministry in church and camp settings, academic administration, and teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels.


      • Ph.D., M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
      • B.A., Samford University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • New Testament Book Study/English/Greek
      • New Testament: Acts and Pauline Epistles
      • New Testament: Gospels and Johannine Literature
      • Biblical Interpretation
      • Tozer Seminary in Israel
      • New Testament Interpretation: Gospels
      • New Testament Studies


      • The Gospel of John: A Thematic Approach. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2011.
      • "Greco-Roman Religions at Caesarea Maritima," in Terence L. Donaldson (ed.), Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Caesarea Maritima, Studies in Christianity and Judaism, Waterloo ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2000.
      • The Origins and Social Context of Mithraism at Caesarea Maritima," in same volume.
      • Review of New Testament Greek, by Gerald Stevens. Review and Expositor 93 (1996) 299.
      • Review of Josephus, The Essential Works, by Paul L. Maier. Review and Expositor 93 (1996) 433.
    • Myra Perrine, D.Min., Life Coaching

      Adjunct Professor of Life Coaching


      An international church and conference speaker, Dr. Perrine is on the staff development and care team of Church Resource Ministries, which gives training, spiritual direction and pastoral care to missionaries. A former high school teacher and guidance counselor, she has also been an adjunct instructor at Azusa Pacific University and Simpson University. Dr. Perrine lives in Redding, Calif.


      • D.Min., M.A., Azusa Pacific University
      • B.A., California State University, Long Beach

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Coaching Leaders


    • Roy Price, D.Min., Pastoral Ministry and Church Polity

      Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Church Polity


      Dr. Price is Pastor Emeritus at Church of the Foothills (C&MA) in Cameron Park. He has over 55 years of pastoral experience with the CM&A (including Pastor of the International Protestant Church, Saigon, Vietnam, 1975) and has held many leadership positions. He was a guest lecturer at Alliance Theological Seminary and was active in several community organizations in cities where he was pastor.


      • D.Min., M.Th., Luther Rice Seminary
      • B.A., Westmont College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Alliance Ministry
      • Equipping People for Ministry
      • A.B. Simpson and A.W. Tozer Studies


      • Numerous articles in Leadership, Alliance Life, one review in Christianity Today.
      • Articles in The Alliance Life
      • Book Reviewer, The Alliance Life
      • "Building Trust Between Pastor and Congregation,"Leadership Journal, Spring, 1980
      • "The Care and Feeding of Lay Leaders," Leadership Journal, Summer, 1982
      • "When the Pastor Gets Fired," Leadership Journal, Fall, 1983
      • Book Reviews, Leadership
      • Book Review, Christianity Today
      • Listed in Who's Who in Religion, 1985
    • Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Apologetics

      Adjunct Professor of Apologetics


      Internationally known astronomer and speaker Dr. Ross is the president of Reasons to Believe, a Glendora, Calif.-based organization that seeks to bridge the gap between science and faith. Dr. Ross has addressed students, faculty and theologians at hundreds of locations around the world.


      • Ph.D., M.S., University of Toronto
      • B.S., University of British Columbia

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Exploring Science and Scripture
      • Christian Apologetics
      • Creation: Scientific Evidences and Means of Evangelism


    • Michael Schill, Psy.D., Counseling

      Adjunct Professor of Counseling


      Dr. Schill is an adjunct instructor at Simpson University in Redding, Calif. He has served as a social worker, marriage and family counselor, senior pastor, and a psychological consultant.


      • Psy.D., California Southern University
      • M.S., Emporia State University
      • B.A., Wichita State University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Principles of Counseling
      • Counseling the Addicted
      • Personal Health of the Ministry Leader
      • Spiritual Warfare and the Occult
    • Craig Slane, Ph.D., Theology

      Adjunct Professor of Theology


      Dr. Slane is the Frances P. Owen Distinguished Chair of Systematic Theology at Simpson University in Redding, Calif., where he has taught since 1995. His research interests include the viability of a Christian university in a postmodern and post-Christian setting; exploration of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's legacy for the 21st century; and early Christianity from the first century through the period of the ecumenical councils. Dr. Slane is a board member of the International Bonhoeffer Society and has also taught courses in theology at Wheaton College.


      • Ph.D., Th.M., Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
      • M.A., B.A., Wheaton College

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Bonhoeffer: Life and Thought
      • Theology 2: Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the Church


      • Responsabilidade Social e Compromisso Cristão Moderno. Translated by Emirson Justino. Sao Paulo: Editora Vida, 2007.
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      • "Salvation" and "Sabbath." In The Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Ed. Walter Elwell: Grand Rapids: Baker 1996.
    • Bill Such, Ph.D., Biblical Studies and Greek

      Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies and Greek


      Dr. Such is executive director of The Jesus Center in Chico, Calif., and a part-time lecturer for the Center for Transformational Studies in Chico. He has more than 20 years of teaching and ministry experience, including in Swaziland, where he became involved with AIDS awareness and a UNESCO program to stop children from living on the streets.


      • Ph.D., St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews, Scotland.
      • Th.M., M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary
      • B.A., Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Biblical Interpretation
      • New Testament Greek 1
      • New Testament: Acts and Pauline Epistles
      • Leadership Strategies for Cultural Transformation
      • Old Testament Kings and Prophets


      • "Connecting with the Mentally Ill," Chico Enterprise Record (2009).
      • "Redeeming the Culture," Chico Enterprise Record (2008).
      • "Easter: Time for a Laugh," Chico Enterprise Record (2007).
      • "Evicting Campers at Comache Creek," Chico Enterprise Record (2006).
      • "Retelling the Good Samaritan Parable," Chico Enterprise Record (2005).
      • "My Fish Story," Chico Enterprise Record (2005).
      • "War of Our World," Chico News & Review (2005).
      • A Study of the New Testament: The Gospels Part One. Workbook for the Institute of Distance Education, University of Swaziland (Kwaluseni: University of Swaziland Press), 2000.
      • "The Parable of the Good Samaritan in Lk 10: 30-35: an Application in Street Theater to the Swaziland AIDS Crisis," UNISWA Research Journal (2000).
      • The Abomination of Desolation in the Gospel of Mark Its historical reference in Mark 13:14 and its impact in the Gospel (Lantham, University Press of America), 1999.
      • "The Crux Criticorum of Mark 13:14," Restoration Quarterly, 38/2 (1996): 93-108.
      • "Dispensing Tokens: A Practice Long Gone?" Restoration Quarterly, 37/2 (1995): 178-181.
      • "The Significance of 'the sign' in Mark 13:4," Irish Biblical Studies 13 June (1991): 134-154.
    • Gary Tangeman, D.Min., Pastoral Ministry

      Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Ministry


      Dr. Gary Tangeman is the senior pastor at Community Bible Church, a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, located in Santa Ana, Calif. He has more than 35 years of pastoral experience and has been an adjunct instructor at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary since the launching of the school.


      • D.Min., M.C., M.C.E., Talbot School of Theology
      • B.A., Biola University

      Courses taught at Tozer Seminary

      • Pastoral Leadership
      • Christianity at Home and Work
      • Equipping People for Ministry
      • Personal Health of the Leader


  • Tozer Seminary Dean

    A headshot of Dr. Patrick Blewett, Dean of A.W. Tozer Theological SeminaryDr. Patrick Blewett was hired as dean of A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary in August 2013. He served most recently on the pastoral staff at Westside Church in Omaha, Neb. In addition to serving in pastoral positions throughout the U.S., Dr. Blewett has served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Columbia International University (South Carolina); academic vice president and dean of the faculty at Grace University; and dean of Grace College of the Bible in Omaha.

    He earned his bachelor’s degree in biblical studies from Montana Institute of the Bible; a master of arts in church education, master of divinity and doctorate of ministry from Western Seminary in Portland, Ore.; and a Ph.D. in education from the University of Idaho.

    Dr. Blewett is also engaged in international theological education currently serving as chairman of the board for a global south higher education mentoring organization known as "Synseis Alliance International." He has also worked with leadership and taught at the Academy for World Mission near Stuttgart, Germany and has participated at Jerusalem University College.

    Dr. Blewett also serves as an adjunct professor of Education and Ministry.

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary's primary campus is located in Redding, CA. The seminary also has learning centers in and Columbia, MO, and Woodland, CA.

Columbia, MO

Woodland, CA

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The best way to assess the effectiveness of A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary is to meet our students and graduates to hear what they have to say about us. Below you will find some of their testimonies and hear what other ministers and leaders in the Christian community have to say about A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary.

  • Yemi Mobolade, Current Student
    Tozer student Yemi Mobolade

    "I've found the staff and faculty to be kind, friendly, cordial, and very helpful. The care for students' general life and well-being extends far beyond the classroom. The faculty has a genuine interest in the students and their ministry work. I have had former professors visit me when in my area. When I'm on campus for the intensive classes, my professors also make it a point to greet me and get an update on my life.

    I also enjoy the one-to two-week intensive format and the wonderful community of friends that I have developed at the seminary. Going back every semester for intensives is like a homecoming. I look forward to reuniting and reconnecting with my fellow classmates.

    The Spiritual Formation class has changed me forever. I learned new ways to experience God at a deeper level. The Theology 1: God, Revelation and Humanity class has opened my mind to the greatness of God yet reminded me how close and immanent he is. The Events in Church History class has given me a deeper appreciation for the story of the church and an ability to trace the origins of doctrines and beliefs.

    Tozer Seminary's motto is "Come deepen your relationship with God" and this has been my experience. Seminary will leave me with a deeper love for God and people, and an excitement for teaching.”

  • Tara Cory, Class of 2012
    Tozer alumna Tara Cory

    “I was reflecting on how Tozer is so different from any school I have attended. I have my bachelor's degree in business from Chico State, and my education there was so incredibly different. The studies were challenging, but less than amusing. The subjects were interesting, but less than impactful. The knowledge was useful, but less than transforming. Here at Tozer, the things we study have an opportunity to not only educate us, teach us new concepts about Jesus, the Bible, and Christian life, but our studies can actually transform us from the inside out.”

    “When writing a paper on argumentative texture, I chose Matthew 6 to write about. The reason I chose Matthew 6 (the passage on not worrying) is because I was worrying about the future, and I wanted the text to impact my current state of being. What other institution allows you to do that? God did use the text to remind me that everything is in his hands. This is the beauty of Tozer and studying more about God's Word. The studies never remain on the surface, but sink down into us, transforming us to become more like Christ. This is such an incredible phenomenon. I can sit down to type a paper, and in the process, God can work on my heart! What a privilege it is to study more about the Lord.”

  • Tom Mount, Class of 2010, Pastor, Tozer Adjunct Instructor
    Tozer alumnus Dr. Tom Mount

    “I had to interrupt my seminary education 20 years ago when I planted a church. With its affordable and flexible program, Tozer allowed me to finish graduate work while remaining in ministry. At the same time my classes have challenged me to a deeper love for the Lord and His Word, taught me to think biblically and reason theologically and prepared me to begin doctoral studies. I've grown enormously as a Christian, a pastor, and a scholar.”

  • Mark A. Smith, Class of 2009, Senior Pastor
    Tozer alumnus Mark A. Smith

    “The cohort groups allow each student to develop relationships with men and women serving in ministries and churches -- you get a chance to share ideas as well as struggles. I looked forward to every class not just for the information and learning, but for the relationships and testimonies that applied what we had learned."

    “The training and relationships I got at Tozer truly shaped me as a Christian man and a pastor. Students need to remember God is shaping a future for them in their training that they may not even perceive or dream of while in the trenches of study.”

  • Joseph David Dombrowski, Class of 2009

    “I had a wonderful experience at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary! What I liked most about the program was the adjunct professors because of their diverse education, which brought both a national and international flare to my learning. Each class gave me a broader understanding of the Scriptures as well as a renewed confidence in it and in myself.”

    “For example, in my Hermeneutics course, I learned to interpret passages from the Bible through the genre in which it was written. My Small Groups course taught me that we empower people when we allow others to lead. All in all, these learning experiences, coupled with the relationships I built in seminary, have equipped me to serve and lead better. I will cherish and use what I have learned for the rest of my life.”

  • Dr. Paul Borden Executive Minister, Growing Healthy Churches Network

    “A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary and its leaders get it! They clearly comprehend that developing effective Christian leaders takes congregations and schools working together.”