PASC and PASC with Master of Arts in Education

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) prepares candidates for leadership roles in public and private schools. The PASC program focuses on building vision for education, developing skills in communication and public relations, building community collaborations, serving communities of diversity, creating curriculum and instruction that leads to high achievement, and management of schools and budgets. Field experience is thorough and practical.

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program provides professional preparation for successful teachers interested in school leadership.

  • ED 6120 Leadership in Vision and Change (3)
  • ED 6135 Leadership in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision (4)
  • ED 6144 Leadership in School Law (3)
  • ED 6145 Leadership in Fiscal Management (3)
  • ED 6150 Leadership in Communications, Public Relations, and Politics (3)
  • ED 6160 Leadership in Organizational Management (3)
  • ED 6190 Field Experience 1 (1)
  • ED 6290 Field Experience 2 (1)
  • ED 6390 Field Experience 3 (1)
  • ED 6700 Leadership in Diversity Issues in the Schools (3)

Upon successful completion of the program, students file for a Certificate of Eligibility with the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing. The Preliminary Credential will be issued when students obtain their first position requiring an Administrative Services Credential. This credential is valid for five years, during which time it is expected the candidate will earn a Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential.

The following courses complete the MA in Education:

  • ED 6113 Foundations and Trends (3)
  • ED 6100 Tests and Measurement (3)
  • ED 6050 Research and Writing (3)

"I can say, without hesitation, Simpson’s educators go above and beyond in preparing students with real-world training. It was refreshing to be in an environment where the class sizes are small enough to accommodate all needs, but the diversity is great enough to offer so many perspectives." - Angela Shull, Lafayette School Principal, Eureka, CA

"The education I received from Simpson University was outstanding, the instruction the best and the atmosphere positive. Simpson gave me the opportunity to continue working while making me more marketable in a very competitive job field. It has paid for itself many times over. A great experience." - Bob Lowden, Cottonwood Union School District

"Never have I felt such a deep commitment to good relationships with students, focusing on each individual’s professional, educational and emotional needs than that given by the staff at Simpson University. This is second only to the content rich nature of the classroom environment." - Brett Mitchell, Lassen High School Principal, Susanville, CA