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Rachel Lowe's Simpson Experience Video

“Not only have I learned what I need for my future occupation, I have acquired extra appreciation for the community and wisdom that our professors offer to us, which is just as valuable.”

— Rachel Lowe, business administration major, class of 2017

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    Simpson University senior Rachel Lowe is combining her interests in business administration, marketing, and music to gain the knowledge and skills she needs to one day open and run a coffee house/music venue for young adults, a dream she has had since she was a junior in high school.

    “I decided to major in business administration because it’s something that involves people, and I really enjoy people,” the Eagle Creek, Ore., resident said. “I also want to be an entrepreneur in the future and make an impact in a business environment.”

    According to Rachel, one of the things that makes Simpson’s business program unique are the connections between students and professors.

    “Simpson provides students access to our professors’ hearts to see their students succeed,” she said. “Not only have I learned what I need for my future occupation, I have acquired extra appreciation for the community and wisdom that our professors offer to us, which is just as valuable.”

    As part of the business curriculum, students have to participate in an internship. Rachel gained valuable hands-on business planning experience during a three-week internship in Tapei, Taiwan, in 2016. She worked at coffee house run by Envision, the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s short-term mission and internship program.

    “It was very hard and very intense, but the communication skills and material I have learned in my business classes really helped me to work well with our group,” she said.

    In addition to her business degree, Rachel is also pursuing a music minor. She has served on the university’s chapel worship team and the worship team at a local church.

    “What I have learned in my Bible classes and music classes really helped me prepare for the culture that a worship team lives in and how it functions,” she said.

    One of the reasons Rachel decided to attend Simpson was the sense of community she witnessed when her brother was a student.

    “My brother told me about Simpson, and I fell in love with the community he was surrounded by, and I wanted to be part of that community,” she said.

    That sense of community is one of the reasons Rachel would encourage others to attend Simpson.

    “I cannot stress community enough and the unique opportunity to be in a place that fosters spiritual growth freely within the student body, staff, and faculty,” she said. “It is a collective mission that we all strive for, which is an encouraging environment to be in let alone a place that offers great academic programs to aid in your spiritual and personal growth.”

    In order to offset the cost of college, Rachel receives several scholarships and said she is grateful for the financial support from donors.

    “You have lifted huge amounts of stress off my shoulders as well as my family’s shoulders,” she said. “Your gifts have been a huge blessing for my continuation at Simpson.”

Jack Long's Simpson Experience Video

“The business professors at Simpson are really good at preparing their students to go out in the world and have great Christian morals and to be leaders in their industry.”

— Jack Long, business administration major, class of 2017

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    Jack Long first heard about Simpson University from some of the pastors of his home church, and after visiting campus, he knew Simpson was where he wanted to attend college.

    Jack, a senior from Cameron Park, Calif., decided to major in business administration with an emphasis in marketing because the degree fit his outgoing personality and creative side.

    “I like business and enjoy meeting people and working on a team,” he said. “Business administration also offers a wide range of options for different careers.”

    The small class sizes and professors make Simpson’s business program unique, Jack said.

    “The professors are able to get to know you on a personal basis and help walk you through each course,” he said. “My professors have been there to help me with life and to be a success in the classroom.”

    During his time at Simpson, Jack has participated in several internships. In 2014, he interned for Meyer Marketing in Sacramento, Calif., and in 2015, he interned for Business Advantage Consulting in Folsom, Calif. This year, he is the intern for Simpson’s Marketing and Communication Department.

    After he graduates in April 2017, Jack plans to work for a marketing company in the Sacramento-area as a sales representative. He said he feels ready for his future career.

    “The business professors at Simpson are really good at preparing their students to go out in the world and have great Christian morals and to be leaders in their industry,” he said. “They are helping me create a foundation of knowledge in business with ethics and integrity.”

    Based on his positive experience, Jack said he would encourage others to attend Simpson.

    “The community at Simpson is very tight-knit; it’s a very close group of people,” he said. “I have made quality, lifelong friends while at Simpson.”

    In order to offset the cost of college, Jack received several scholarships and he is grateful for the support from donors that enabled him to attend Simpson for four years.

    “Scholarships have been a huge help as far as figuring out finances and how I will pay for school,” he said. “It really takes a lot of stress off me to have those scholarships.”


  • Accounting

    The Accounting degree seeks to provide students with both a strong technical foundation in the field of accounting, and the biblical framework to live and work in today's world. Our goal is to equip every accounting student to make sound decisions morally, ethically, legally and in accordance with sound business practice. Students learn various accounting systems, auditing, tax law, and other critical applicable skills. Coursework, along with your hands-on experience, will help prepare students for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. An ethics emphasis and internship requirement round out this program to equip accounting majors to make difference in our world, whether employed in nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

    Career Opportunities

    • CFO
    • Controller
    • Tax Accountant
    • Cost Analyst
    • Income Tax Analyst
    • Finance Business Analyst
    • Accounting Manger
    • Payroll Manager
    • Project Accountant
    • Corporate Tax Manager
    • Forensics Accountant
    • Budget Analyst
    • Cost Estimator
    • Loan Officer
    • Financial Analyst
    • Tax Examiner
    • Revenue Agent
  • Business Administration

    The Business Administration major is designed to provide students with a biblical business framework. This major is designed to prepare students for graduate studies, business ministry opportunities, and careers in business by shaping student knowledge, skills, and development. By emphasizing core business principles along with moral, ethical, and biblical values, our goal is for students to graduate as critical thinkers who are able to identify problems, collect data, weigh alternatives, and implement solutions from within the context of a Christian worldview.

    Career Opportunities

    • Account Executive/Representative
    • Activities Director/Manager
    • Business Owner/Manager
    • Purchasing Agent/Manager
    • Department Store Manager
    • Media Relations Manager
    • Market Representative/Manager
    • Marketing/Public Relations Mgr.
    • Program Director (non-profit)
    • Sales Representative / Manager


Learning Outcomes

  • Accounting

    Students will be able to …

    • Analyze Ethical Issues
    • Perform Entry-level Accounting Operations
    • Use a range of techniques (manual and automated) to perform analysis, synthesize information and draw conclusions.
  • Business Administration

    Students will be able to:

    • Contextualization Skills: The ability to transfer, and apply the concepts, theories, principles, practices and structures of today's business enterprises to the context of their chosen area of emphasis (e.g., Accounting, Business Administration).
    • Context Specific Expertise: The ability to demonstrate significant mastery of the concepts, theories, principles, practices, and structures in at least one area of emphasis (e.g., Accounting, Business Administration).

"I enjoyed Simpson because of the well-rounded education and atmosphere for spiritual and academic growth. One-on-one time with my professors was invaluable because I learned about real experiences on a personal and applicable level."Alex K.

"I chose Simpson because I wanted to not only play basketball, but also to better my relationship with God."Mark K.

"As a Christian, integrating my faith with my education is important, and Simpson has allowed me to do just that. As a Business Major, I feel comfortable taking what I've learned in the classroom, and translating it into the business world. Simpson University is a place where individuals gather together to serve God. The phrase "Community - Our Responsibility" is clearly demonstrated."Jessica L.

"The class sizes allow for more connection to the faculty. Professors make themselves available to students on a personal level because they prefer to work at Simpson, and in the small Christian college environment."Scott G.

"Simpson offers an incredibly quality Accounting program full of professors with solid knowledge and experience in the accounting and general business realm. I have enjoyed taking advantage of the smaller classrooms by getting answers to businesses and career questions. I came to Simpson originally because my parents agreed to pay for the first year if I went to a Christian college - this is why I stayed."Arin G.

"Over the summer I had an internship at Enterprise Rent a Car. For the month of August, I was ranked #2 in sales for our branch and the Visalia section. This is proof that I learned a lot in my businesses classes, from aspects of marketing, to management, and business strategy. My professors have prepared me for what the real world holds."Humberto S.