Cross-Cultural Studies Minor

Maybe you want to serve a global or national community but you don't know where to start. Or maybe you are interested in business and you want to work in the international marketplace. Perhaps you want to work with youth, but the dominant culture in your area is not familiar to you. 

The Cross-Cultural Studies minor is perfect as an added emphasis to another course of study, and if you are unsure where God is leading but you feel a calling to a cross-cultural experience, this minor will give you the necessary skills to understand another culture as well as the ability to communicate and live in someone else's world. 

REQUIRED (21-24 credits)

  • *ANTH 4110 Cultural Anthropology (3; F)
  • *ANTH 4200 Anthropological Methods (3; Sp)
  • *CCST 4020 Contemp. Issues in World Mission (3; F)
  • *LING 4330 Comm Cross-Culturally (3)
  • *THEO 4710W Theology of World Mission (3; Sp)
One of the following:
  • §RELI 3900 Religions of the World (3; Sp)
  • *§RELI 3910 Intro to Islam (3; OF)
  • *§RELI 3920 Buddhism (3; EF)
One of the following:
  • LING 3350 Language Acquisition (3; Sp)
  • Two semesters of same foreign language (6)
  • CCCU Language Course (3-6)