Psychology Minor

Simpson offers a Psychology minor. This can be an alternative for any student wanting to learn about human behavior, condition and motivation without taking the full psychology major.

Many students find this minor to be a great bonus to their current major. For example, Cross-Cultural Studies or Pastoral Studies majors have found it helpful to understanding the minds of the people with whom they work. English majors have developed their psychology skills in order to write works that reflect the true human mind or to better analyze books and plays.

REQUIRED (9 credits)

  • PSYC 1600 Intro to Psychology (3)
  • *PSYC 2040 Psychopathology (3; Sp)
One of the following:
  • *PSYC 3015 Adult Development (3, ESp)
  • *PSYC 3025W Child Development (3; Sp & EF)

ELECTIVES (12 credits)

  • Take 12 credits from department PSYC; 9 must be upper division.