Youth Ministries Minor

The Youth Ministries minor is an excellent focus to add to any course of study. This minor will give you a firm foundation for working with youth as well as an understanding of youth and their culture today. Whatever your course of study, youth ministry is a great idea for anyone who will be working closely with younger generations.

REQUIRED (12 credits)

  • CHED 3550 Small Group Ministries (3; Sp)
  • YUTH 3110 Youth Ministry I (3; F)
  • *YUTH 3310 Youth Ministry II (3; ESp)
  • YUTH 4330 Youth Culture and Issues (3; Sp)

ELECTIVES (9 credits)

Three of the following:
  • CHED 2410 Spiritual Formation in the Church (3; F)
  • CHED 3450 Family Life and Ministry (3; Sp)
  • *MINS 3040 Preaching I (3; F)
  • MINS 4500 Leadership in Ministry (3; F)