ROTC Program Closure

The Simpson ROTC program has been identified by the Department of the Army and Cadet Command as a program that will possibly be shut down in the next year. Discussions are being held at high levels to see what the political implications of a shut-down are. Chances of the program closure are predicted to be in the 70-75% range. We hope to know by the end of the school year what is going to happen, and when.

The shut-down is due to the following factors:

  • Cadet Command budget
  • Decrease in Army end strength
  • Too far from the host (UC Davis)
  • Simpson is a small, expensive, private school
  • Demographics (scholarships are being reallocated to the southern states)

This program is not closing due to lack of performance or any other negative reason and in fact the command has the highest regard for the support and environment created by Simpson University administrators and faculty. The cadets were briefed this morning by Lieutenant Colonel Harvey the Professor of Military Science from UC Davis.


  • Recruiting efforts have ceased
  • Cadets in the program who will not graduate by next April will have to transfer to another school with an ROTC program or drop the program at the end of the current semester at their discretion
  • The program will be closed gracefully


  • The class of 2013 will remain at Simpson and graduate next April as our last ROTC graduating class
  • Remaining contracted cadets will transfer to another school and retain Army scholarship benefits or will be released from the contract with no requirement to repay government
  • Cadets may all transfer or request dis-enrollment at the end of this semester because they will be unable to transfer later (with only one semester remaining)