Parent Beliefs

In the following statements, the word “parent” is intended to include the various parental support structures within each student’s family.

At Simpson University, we believe in:

Parent Commitment

We believe that parents’ commitment to their students does not end at the college front door.  Recognizing that geographical distance and students’ development to adulthood will bring changes in their relationship that are normal and healthy, it is good for students and for the university to have parents who are committed to making those changes.

Parent Partnership

We believe parents are partners with Simpson University.  This partnership includes constructive communication between parents and the University that benefit parents, the school and students and that works to insure that students receive a consistent message that they are responsible for their choices.

Parent Encouragement

We believe that a good way to describe the role of parents during the college years is as a coach who encourages the team from the sidelines. Having more directly guided students through the pre-college years, parents now have the opportunity to encourage them to develop as persons and as followers of Jesus Christ.

Parent Support

We believe parental support of Simpson faculty and staff is important in order to create the best possible environment at Simpson University for the development of our students.  Parents are encouraged to see the Simpson faculty and staff as instruments of God in the lives of their students.