ASC Guidelines and Procedures

  • Cell Phones
    Cell phones are not permitted to be used in the ASC. Please keep your phones on silent and move your phone conversations to the hall. Cell phones must be turned off and left with the ASC staff when you are taking exams in the ASC. If you are caught on a cell phone while taking an exam, the same procedures will be followed as for other forms of cheating.
  • Cheating
    All policies regarding Academic Dishonesty in the Simpson University Catalog are also upheld in the ASC. In addition, if a student is caught cheating in the ASC it will be reported to the professor of that particular class and to the Provost or Associate Provost.
  • Communication
    The Academic Success Center staff will respond to all phone or email messages within one business day. It is also expected that students using the ASC services will respond to the ASC phone or email messages in a timely manner.
  • Confidentiality

    All documentation provided to the Academic Success Center regarding accommodations or other information is kept confidential. A student will sign a release stating that we can let appropriate university personnel know of needed accommodations.

    The Academic Success Center will not provide information about a student to a parent or other off campus individual. Information from our office will be given to the student upon his/her written request, and that student can then in turn, share his/her information with others.

  • Grievance Procedures

    Students who have requested accommodations, modifications, and/or adjustments and who believe that they have been discriminated against on a basis of their disability or who are dissatisfied with the accommodations provided should:

    • 1. Notify the ASC Director. The ASC Director will work with the university personnel and the student to informally resolve disagreements regarding recommended accommodations.
    • 2. If the ASC Director is unable to resolve the matters informally, or the individual is not satisfied with the resolution, the individual may file Complaint of Discrimination/Grievance. The complaint must be in writing and should include: the student’s current disability documentation, the student’s reasoning regarding the complaint, and the means by which the student may be contacted. The student’s complaint will be responded to in writing by the ASC Director within five work days. Said response may include rationale and reasoning relevant to the circumstances and alternative accommodations which may be available to the student.
    • If the student is in disagreement with or is not satisfied with the ASC Director’s formal intervention, and has completed both steps 1 and 2, the student may appeal to the institution’s formal Grievance Committee. Such an appeal must be made within 30 days of the ASC Director’s written communication regarding the formal grievance. The Grievance Committee will respond to the student in writing within ten work days of hearing the student’s grievance.
    • Please refer non-accommodation grievances to the Provost/Associate Provost.
  • Important Terms

    Complaint of Discrimination: An allegation of different treatment, whether intended or unintended, based on the student’s disability.

    Informal Complaint: The process of gathering information either to help establish a suspicion of discrimination or to attempt to resolve a disagreement without following a formal complaint process.

    Formal Complaint: The process of investigating a case of alleged discrimination and making a determination as to whether or not discrimination occurred and, where appropriate, providing a resolution to the complaint.

    Non-retaliation: An individual filing a complaint of discrimination in good faith shall not be subjected to any form of retaliation by the University. An individual may file a complaint alleging retaliation.

  • Loitering

    Students are welcome and encouraged to come by the ASC and to use our services, but they are not permitted to loiter. The outer office space is designed as an area for students to use for tutoring, and as space allows students are also welcome to study in this area. We want to make our office comfortable for all students, so games and overly high volumes will not be permitted.

  • Testing
    Accommodation Student Exams

    Accommodations students always take precedence over non-accommodations students when testing rooms are full.

    Accommodation students must complete and submit a testing form for all the exams they will be taking in the ASC within 2 weeks of completing their Student Accommodations Contract. They will also need to complete a finals testing form and hand it in 2 weeks before finals week. Accommodations space cannot be guaranteed if this does not take place.

    Students must arrive at their scheduled time for their exams. If they need to change a time they scheduled at the beginning of the semester, they must give the ASC a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Students will be granted the time allotted to the rest of the class (plus their extended time if applicable), from the beginning of their scheduled time, to complete the exam. Just as in attending class, if the student arrives late, they still only have until the end of the testing period to complete the quiz or exam.

    In the event that a professor is going to have a pop quiz, the professor should notify the ASC and provide us with the quiz ahead of time. They can then send the accommodations student to our office for the quiz. As with any quiz or exam, a SWD will have their accommodations on pop quizzes, in this instance only it will be set up by the professor not the student.

    Finals Week Testing

    During finals week, the only students who will be permitted to take exams in the ASC are those with disability accommodations. No make-up exams, re-scheduled exams, independent study exams, or finishing exams will be facilitated during Finals Week. Our testing rooms are filled to capacity during finals week just with the accommodations students, so please do not ask for an exception.

    For the purposes of re-scheduling exams and make-up exams we will be open on the business day following the last day of finals from 8:00-5:00. If you have a student who needs to make up an exam, finish an exam or take one at a different time, and they cannot do that on the business day following the last day of finals, it is suggested you have them do that during a different class that you teach.

    Make-up Exams

    Students must schedule a time to take their exam a minimum of one business day prior to the time they desire to use the ASC testing facilities. Students will be granted the time allotted to the rest of the class, from the beginning of their scheduled time, to complete the exam. Just as in attending class, if the student arrives late, they still only have until the end of the testing period to complete the quiz or exam.

    It is the responsibility of the student and the professor to be sure the exam is in the ASC and ready for the student who is making it up prior to their scheduled time. The professor must also complete an exam form for the exam.

    Placement Exams

    The responsibility of the subject placement exams falls on the department over that subject. Due to office coverage, the Academic Success Center (ASC) is not able to proctor large group sessions of the exams or large numbers of individuals in a short amount of time. At times it could be necessary for individual students to have the exam proctored in the ASC. When this is the case, the department head should contact the ASC to be sure we have a copy of the exam and the time to administer it. After the department head has done this, the student can call and set up a time to come in. Upon completion, the ASC will return the exam to the department head.

    CLEP Testing

    Students wishing to fulfill credits via CLEP Testing can now register with the Academic Success Center. Registration and testing fees required.

    Exam Return

    All completed exams will require a professor's signature to confirm receipt of the exam. We will not return exams under the professor's door or release an exam to T.A.'s. This is to ensure safe keeping and confidentiality of the exam. We will also not alert the professor when an exam has been completed in out office. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the professor that they have taken their exam.

    Test Proctoring

    The ASC staff is not available to proctor exams in a classroom setting. If a professor is in need of a proctor for an exam because he/she cannot be there, it is their responsibility to find somebody to take their class for them. We would suggest beginning by looking for other professors or TAs in your department.

    Occasionally other colleges and universities will need students to take placement tests over the summer. In these situations the college needing the exam proctored must contact us at least five business days in advance, and if the ASC is available we will schedule the exam.