ASC - Placement Tests

At Simpson University, you must qualify for college level math and writing courses. This may be accomplished through prior coursework, standardized assessments, or through the successful passage of a placement test. Below are the processes for taking a placement test in both Math and Writing. Both of our assessments are remote proctored, meaning that students can take them from the comfort of their own home. Remember, the purpose of these tests is to provide valuable insight into your abilities and generate the best course recommendation possible. No one is served by cheating, or conversely, not doing your best!


For Math Placement tests we use ALEKs from McGraw-Hill. This is a computer adaptive assessment that should provide the best placement information for our Math (and Science) classes. Depending on your major, your faculty advisor may require you to take this assessment even if your transcripts show that you are ready for college level math.

McGraw Hill Aleks Logo

To access this assessment, follow the registration instructions on this document. There is a cost associated with the exam that needs to be paid by credit card. Go to to get started!

Writing (English)

For our writing placement test we currently use an essay prompt that is scored by one of our English Department Faculty members. They score the assessment and provide a recommendation of placement. Access to this prompt is given through a specific Canvas Course (see image below).

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To gain access please email State your first and last name and make sure your Simpson email is working. You will be added to the course and given instructions for how to take the exam.