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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q: Should I apply to be a student leader or a team member?

    A: Read more about the role of a student leader versus a team member here.

  • Q: Do I have to fill out my application in one sitting?

    A: Please allow around 20-25 minutes to complete your application in one sitting. Your information will NOT BE SAVED if you close out of the application before clicking the Submit button on the final page. You may want to save your Short Answers in another document, just in case.

  • Q: Do I get to choose what team I want to be on?

    A: Yes and no. On the application you will be able to select your top three team choices. However, it is primarily crucial that we are willing and obedient to go wherever God is at work around the world, rather than limiting our desire for ministry to only a certain place or project. We will do our best to match each student to a location and team where we believe he or she will be able to contribute and receive the most. We see the big picture of WorldSERVE, so we take into account the requests of our field partners, dates, finances, schedules, and team dynamics, along with your individual interests, skills, and gifts.

  • Q: I have some concerns. Should I still apply?

    A: There are, of course, some good reasons to not serve on a WorldSERVE team; however, what many students consider dead ends we look at merely as stop signs. You can pause, consider the direction, then move forward in one way or another. Concerns about raising support, traveling, the time commitment, parent’s worries or anything else should not hinder you from applying. We would love to address any obstacles in your way, so please contact us ( You can also check out this handout.

  • Q: What if I don’t have a passport?

    A: Apply for one as soon as possible on the US State Department's website (This link will take you to the Passport Application page.) This process takes about four weeks from the time you mail off your passport application until you actually receive your passport, so you must submit your application before Christmas. Please note: You need to be sure to apply for a passport BOOK and not a passport CARD.

  • Q: What is the time commitment during spring semester?

    A: Read about our Dates and Expectations here.

  • Q: Are donations tax deductible?

    A: Absolutely! Donations in the form of cash, credit card, or checks can be accepted (payable to Simpson University). You can also make a donation online

  • Q: What do my required funds cover?

    A: Your team fee covers your airline ticket, visa, overseas insurance, training materials, administrative costs, support letters, and all of your on-field expenses (lodging, food, transportation, ministry supplies). You are personally responsible to pay for your passport and immunizations if required (since they are good even after your term of service is completed). While on the field, each participant is only expected to pay for his or her souvenirs, sight-seeing, and snacks.

  • Q: When does my money have to be in?

    A: To ensure that participants are on track to meet their fundraising goal, the following deadlines have been put into place for summer trips:

    • December 3 - $50 deposit and support letters due
    • February 8 - 40% of funds raised (we will NOT buy your plane ticket if this amount isn’t in)
    • March 8 - 70% of funds raised

    *If a participant does not meet a financial deadline for any reason, he or she must meet with their team leader or a staff member to discuss whether or not he or she will be permitted to continue participation on a team.

  • Q: If I discontinue my participation on a team, OR raise more money than my requirement, will I or my supporters get our money back?

    A: No. By law, all tax-deductible contributions are non-refundable. After the cost of travel arrangements and other expenses have been deducted from the total amount a participant has raised, the rest of his or her funds will be equally divided between members of his or her team who still have a balance remaining.



  • Let the Nations be Glad (John Piper)
  • Peace Child (Don Richardson)
  • Compelled by Love (Heidi Baker)
  • A People for His Name (Paul A. Beals)
  • Tortured for Christ (Richard Wurmbrand)
  • When Helping Hurts (Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett)
  • The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway)
  • Not for Sale (David Batstone)
  • Bruchko (Bruce Olson)
  • Revolution in World Missions (KP Yohannan)
  • Miraculous Movements (Jerry Trousdale)
  • Radical (David Platt)
  • Operation World (Jason Mandryk)
  • Live Life on Purpose (Claude Hickman)
  • Live Life on Purpose (Claude Hickman)

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