Reporting a Crime (EverSafe Project)

You have the right to report sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking to the police. To file a criminal complaint, contact campus Safety at (530) 941-7592 or call RPD at (530) 225-4200 or call 911.

If the perpetrator is affiliated with Simpson University (SU), you should report the violence to the university.

  • If the perpetrator is an SU student, you can report to the Office of Student Conduct or the Title IX Office. They will investigate the alleged violence. Information about this process and possible sanctions are available in the student handbook. Remember, some crimes will be reported to the RPD.
  • If the perpetrator is a university employee, volunteer, or vendor, report to the Title IX Administrator or the Director for Human Resources.

You can also report to the university without filing a criminal complaint.

If reporting to the police seems intimidating. You can request that an advocate accompany you by calling Campus Safety at (530) 941-7592 or the Wellness Center at (530) 226-4667.

Victims are not required to report sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking to the police or the Office of Student Conduct. You can receive university services regardless of whether or not you report an act of violence. However, because the university wants to prevent future sexual violence, you are encouraged to report.


Sometimes survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking may have concerns about how their information will be safeguarded. Health care providers at SU’s Wellness Center, counselors and psychologists at SU’s Counseling Center, and the campus Pastor are not required to report acts of violence to the university.

All university employees and faculty, including resident life student staff (RA’s) must report sexual assault, domestic/ dating violence, and stalking to the Title IX Administrator. The Title IX Administrator will keep your information as private as possible. However, if the university becomes aware of the identity of an alleged perpetrator or has sufficient information, the university may investigate the report in addition to the Title IX investigation.

Any SU employee becoming aware of child sexual abuse must report it immediately to Campus Safety and his/her supervisor. Anonymous reports can be made to Shasta County Public Health child abuse hotline: (530) 225-5144.

If you or someone you know experiences violence, you’re not alone. Help is available by reviewing our list of Sexual Assault Awareness Resources and Contacts or by contacting the EverSafe Project at 530-226-4667.

Content for this section was adapted from The Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s IUP website.