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Simpson University Student Clubs

About Student Clubs

Student clubs and student organizations provide outlets for members of the student body to pursue their passions, hobbies, academic fields, and other areas of interest. Please check back frequently for updated information and an updated roster for clubs.


Biology Club

Leaders: Erika Thompson and Lynsey Sullivan
Advisor: Professor David Rice

Business Club

Leaders: Selene Valladares and Esther Gnanadoss
Advisor: Professor Paul Wood

Diversity and Dance Club

Leaders: Sanae Yoshihara and Selene Valladares
Advisor: Angie Hurtado

History and Political Science

Leaders: Abagail Allen and Moriah Moss
Advisor: Professor Cherry McCabe


Leaders: Shane Greer and Michael Vanni
Advisor: Andrew Heiligenthal

Outdoor Adventure Club

Leaders: Keleigh Jusczak and Caleb Fowler
Advisor: Professor Scott Barnett

Psychology Club

Leaders: Matea Langston and Hannah Goddard
Advisor: Professor Jennifer Costillo

Student Veterans Organization

Leaders: John Sitka, Sean Frens and Ethan Davis
Advisor: Justin Spears

Writer's Club

Leaders: Brandon Cervania and Haley Jenkinson
Advisor: Professor Carolyn Murray