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As our motto states, Simpson University is committed to developing world servants who play a vital role in God’s story of redeeming the lost.

Every fall, we invite students to join a WorldSERVE team and take a yearlong discipleship journey which includes a short-term service project. The main objective is that students would BE DISCIPLED here, in order to MAKE DISCIPLES in the nations. It’s really not about the “trip.” It’s about the discipleship journey, both in us and to the ends of the earth.

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What did you learn from your mission trip?

“I loved learning about setting up a health fair as there is a huge need for health education. Even just teaching about disease and disease prevention, especially in places with less access. Offering solutions and diet and health activities as well as learning about the emphasis on prayer. I have been developing a heart for the Middle East and Arab cultures recently, and it was a great chance to connect what I have been learning on my own to real life in their homes.”

- Laraina, California Medical Mission Trip, 2022

What did this mission trip teach you?

“To leave my burdens with God and to teach others how to do that as well. I want to help guide my friends to God and help them learn what I’ve learned. This trip lit a fire under me, and I have become so hungry for Christ, and I don’t want that to die off. I want to keep that hunger and that drive that I’ve felt this last week. It has given me a desire for the people in my life back home who so desperately need him. He will use me as a bridge. To open my heart to him more and to serve him fully.”

- Kaitlyn, El Salvador, 2022

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What did you learn during your mission trip?

“It has given me a renewed excitement and joy for serving God. That looks different in El Salvador, but also very similar. We have privilege to serve others in our lives. And that doesn’t change based on where we are. Serving Him is always a joy and an honor and a privilege. What it means to serve Him and have a life dedicated to Him. It doesn’t have to mean moving to the other side of the world, but for now he has placed me where I am and I can serve him with the people that are near me now. Also, to see what ministry looks like in a new setting. And to learn how I work in ministry.”

- Nadia, El Salvador, 2022

"Just as many say, your first mission trip is life changing. I loved learning more about the culture, language, history, food, and people. I believe that through this trip, God was teaching me to have a willing and obedient heart. Going on this trip and getting out of my comfort zone was the first step of learning how to have an obedient heart. God was able to teach me how to say "yes" to Him when He calls me to serve. I also learned the importance of serving our own communities and cities. Many of the La Fuente staff were born and raised in El Salvador. They dedicate themselves to giving back to those in need in the community. Their motivation and perseverance inspired me to continue serving my community wholeheartedly. My first mission trip was one I will never forget."

- Justine, El Salvador Team 2022

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Why did God bring the team from Simpson to serve in El Salvador with your team?

“God wants to tell you that you have beautiful feet. Romans 10:15 God appreciates when His children do the work of bringing the message of salvation to others. You were representing Christ this week. You were preaching without words. He thinks it’s beautiful that His kids are going elsewhere to share the good news.”

- Tony, Site Leader in El Salvador

And if that doesn't convince you... read Jesus' own words!

"Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you." - Matthew 28:19

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." - Luke 10:2

"I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb." - Revelation 7:9

Be Discipled. Make Disciples.

We believe that short-term service projects can be an incredible tool for facilitating discipleship. As part of a WorldSERVE team, students get to simultaneously BE Discipled by their leaders, team mentors and field workers, while MAKING Disciples in partnership with their long-term workers and through the relationships they build on the field.

All team members commit to a three-part discipleship process during the year: pre-field, on the field, and post-field.

  • Pre-field

    From January to May, our teams will BE Discipled through:

    • Regular Trainings (times of teaching and preparation led by WorldSERVE staff)
    • Team Times (team building, prayer, Bible study, and task preparation in teams)
  • On the field

    Our teams will be sent around the world to MAKE DISCIPLES:

    • We have partnered with some incredible field workers in their long-term vision to reach lost peoples.
    • We choose our field partners carefully and desire to come alongside what they are already doing in order to spur on their vision for reaching the unreached.
    • We trust that we’re part of a bigger picture and that God will further their disciple-making efforts long after we're gone.
  • Post-field

    Upon returning home, students will continue their discipleship journey through:

    • intentional debriefing times with their team
    • joining follow-up group sessions at the beginning of the fall semester to take the lessons learned on the field and apply them to their lives back at home.
    • praying that we will have fresh energy, passion and creativity for continuing to make disciples of all nations in whatever harvest field we find ourselves -- from within the church, to the corporate marketplace, to the ends of the earth.

2023 Mission Trips


Ministry Task: While in Alaska, our team will have the opportunity to serve in Alliance churches in various ways, bless people in the congregation with meeting felt needs, serve at a women’s center, and help to lead a children’s church camp. Last year the team that went on this trip saw children baptized, were able to lead two church services, and were camp counselors at the children’s camp!

Dates: July 11-24, 2023
Leader: Kia Flack


Ministry Task: Our team will be serving in Colombia with Envision and IncaLink. You can find out more information about our trip here: While there, we will partner with IncaLink in their compassion ministries serving children, teens, and recovering addicts. They help to provided discipleship, training, and classes to help these young people live healthy, independent, and Christ-centered lives.

Dates: March 11-18, 2023
Leader: Marjie Kennedy


Ministry Task: Our team will have the opportunity to partner with Envision France and with other church-planting teams with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our team will spend time in Toulouse working with the Envision site, helping out at a church plant and refugee ministry in Bordeaux, and another church ministry in Paris. We will have opportunities to run ESL programs for refugees, children’s ministry, prayer walks, serve at Envision’s creative arts center, and other ministries.

Dates: May 8-29, 2023
Leaders: Tom and Betty Perry


Ministry Task: Our team is comprised of nursing students and faculty from Simpson University with nursing training. We have the opportunity to serve in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico at a medical clinic and a local church. We will be serving people who have little to no access to medical care, while at the same time connecting them to a local church.

Dates: March 11-18, 2023
Leaders: Tami McQuoid and Pedro Defreitas


Ministry Task: Our team will be traveling to Panama to serve in local churches and schools and bring the tangible love of Jesus to people living in poverty. We will have the opportunity to serve with Simpson’s men’s basketball coach as he has many local connections in Panama. Our hope is to bring tangible blessings as well as the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.

Dates: March 11-18, 2023


Ministry Task: We will be serving alongside of missionaries in a very rural area in Eastern Uganda in the Budgiri District. We will serve in the church, girl’s school, and “Farming God’s Way” school. We will have the opportunity to live in the rural district and show the love of Jesus to the people we live among in tangible ways.

Dates: June 1-15, 2023
Leaders: Sophie Actis and Shondra Dickson

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