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Our History

The Simpson University Writing Center began with only a few student tutors in the fall of 1996 under the direction of Professor Timothy Carlisle of the Department of English. This early iteration of student-led writing conferences addressed the need that Simpson's undergraduates had for additional writing instruction outside of their regularly scheduled classes. Then in the fall of 1998, Professor Keith Waddle of the Department of English, became director of the fledgling tutoring service. In the fall of 2002, the Writing Center came under the directorship of Professor Brian Larsen of the Department of English who served as director until December 2005. At the start of the spring semester 2006, Professor Mardy Philippian Jr. of the Department of English became the new and current Writing Center Director.

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    It was in the fall of 2006 under Professor Philippian's direction that the Writing Center moved to its current two-room location in Grubbs Hall and was retooled to meet the needs of students and to provide them with a place in which to find a variety of helpful resources. The physical space of its rooms added an important identity to the Writing Center and offered a welcoming environment that has subsequently become a hub of undergraduate activity on campus. The tutoring staff was greatly expanded to meet students' needs more effectively and to address the increasing variety of students enrolled at Simpson. In that same year, Simpson College was renamed Simpson University and the tutoring service was officially renamed The Simpson University Writing Center. Since then, the Writing Center’s services have continued to grow and the staff now regularly hold online tutorials with ASPIRE (continuing education) students using Skype. Tutoring services are now offered to traditional undergraduates, ASPIRE students, and students enrolled in the A. W. Tozer Seminary.

    Operated as a joint effort between the Writing Center Director and qualified student tutors, the Simpson University Writing Center is an internship experience that affords deserving students the opportunity to work closely in a professional environment alongside a faculty member with expertise in the teaching of writing. This internship allows student-tutors the opportunity to develop their skills as writing tutors (and future teachers of writing) and to explore a number of career possibilities.

Simpson University Writing Center Alumni (2006-present)

Mariel Clement 2013-2014
Bethany Scettrini 2012-2013
Erin Gray 2011-2012
Amy Zellman 2009-11
Sierra Heater 2008-09
Caitlin Parodi 2007-08
  • Tutors (click to expand)

    Alana Angeja
    Michael Arnett
    Pearl Baez
    Rachel Baker
    Timothy Baumgarten
    Carissa Bengtson
    Ashley Braxton
    Claire Broberg
    Carley Campbell
    Lindsey Cannan
    Haley Carlson
    Sara Carrillo
    Kristin Chase
    Phil Chiles
    Elizabeth Cifu
    Mariel Clement
    Rachel Coles
    Samantha Deyarman
    Garrett Diehl
    Allison Dolan
    Jaclyn Drapeau
    Chelsea Dunn
    Kelsie Duzyk
    Mindee Evans
    Daniel Glenn
    Libbie Goyer
    Erin Gray
    Sara Gray
    Samuel Gronseth
    Amy Haley
    Jennifer Hall
    Justina Harston
    Sierra Heater
    Krystal Heath
    Brentnie Jones-Shoesmith
    Tiffany Klender
    Andrew Kooy
    Megan Knoll
    Kalie Kreischer
    Stephen Lanning
    Clara Law
    Rebecca Lawson
    Melody Maddox
    Kim Maggard
    Megan Mandolfo
    John Mattern
    Nikki Miller
    Jeffrey Mitchum
    Genna Morman
    Jessica Nelson
    Caitlin Parodi
    Jacob Parodi
    Mariah Percy
    Natalie Quitasol
    Wesley Rea
    Bethany Scettrini
    Andrea Senden
    Mia Shrum
    Tyler Shuster
    Emily Smith
    Elizabeth Sommerfeld
    Katie Stuckey
    Amanda Sturdevant
    Scott Tyler
    Tiffany Vega
    Mary Watson
    Brandon Williams
    Johnathan Williams
    Joshua Wilkinson
    Carolyn Wong
    Amy Zellman