Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to visit the Writing Center?
Yes. The Writing Center is a free service of Simpson University.

How long is a tutoring session?
Each tutoring session is half an hour long. If you have a paper over five pages, you may sign up for two consecutive half hour sessions. For all other cases where you would like a another session, you are advised to work on your paper at least for 30 minutes before returning for another appointment.

Can I e-mail my paper?
No. The Writing Center does not simply edit your paper for you. We desire to help you become a more competent writer. Here are some helpful guidelines.

1. Print out a copy of any paper with which you would like to receive help.
2. Bring the most recent draft of a paper, having addressed any comments you have already received from your professor or a peer-reader.
3. Bring assignment description or handout for your tutor to read and consult during your scheduled tutorial.
4. Turn off your cell phone.

1. Expect tutors to proofread your paper.
2. Expect tutors to edit your paper.
3. Blow-off a scheduled appointment. Call the front desk to cancel any appointment you cannot make.
4. Attempt to make appointments with tutors outside of their scheduled hours.