Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment collects, analyzes and disseminates essential information about Simpson University's environment and performance (per state and federal mandates). This information supports institutional management, planning and decision-making to help serve parents and students and to build and maintain an environment of academic excellence.

The office manages all official data and assessment functions of the university.

Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment strives to provide information in an accurate and timely manner and in a useful and understandable format. This mission is accomplished by a skilled staff that utilizes all major data sources available at the university to report information internally and externally.

We want our students succeed the best they can. One way to ensure this is happening is though the assessment process. Learning outcomes are developed in both academic and co-curricular settings. Simpson University conducts assessment of these student learning outcomes at all levels, undergraduate and graduate, from the course level to the institutional level.

Learning outcomes for each academic program are posted alongside the program descriptions.

Assessment Plan (coming soon!)

The process for how assessment is conducted is changing and adapts to trends, as well as to the needs of university. A formal assessment plan is currently in development, and will be posted when available.

Summary of Assessment Plan (DRAFT)

Resources for Faculty

Our internal Assessment Planning website contains the following resources:

For each department and school:

  • Mission Statement;
  • Program Learning Outcomes;
  • Curriculum Maps;
  • Two-year curriculum grids;
  • Latest multi-year Program Review
  • Assessment Plan charts (uploaded after department submission)
  • Supporting program data on faculty and students (uploaded in spring)

Resources and Templates:

  • Assessment Guide
  • Annual Report Template
  • Loading worksheet
  • Assessment Plan charts

Simpson conducts a variety of surveys each year to support assessment as well as to keep a pulse on the campus climate. These include both national surveys and in-house surveys. The schedule of surveys are below.

National Surveys

  • College Student Inventory (CSI) by Noel Levitz
    • Survey of incoming students; given annually 2003-2014
  • The Freshman Survey (TFS), by HERI-UCLA
    • Survey of first-time freshmen; given even fall terms, 1994-2014
  • College Senior Survey (CSS), by HERI-UCLA
    • Survey of senior students; given even spring terms, 1996-2014
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), by Noel Levitz
    • Survey of first-year and senior students; given 2005, 2013
  • Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), by Noel Levitz
    • Survey of all traditional undergraduates, given odd falls, 1997-2013
  • Institutional Priorities Survey (IPS), by Noel Levitz
    • Survey of faculty and staff; given odd years; 1997-2013
  • The Faculty Survey, by HERI-UCLA
    • Survey of faculty, 1995, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013

In-House Surveys

  • Senior Survey, given annually
  • Alumni Survey, given annually
  • Misc other surveys conducted