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In order to accommodate students with busy schedules, Simpson University offers programs in an online format. All online courses are completed using Moodle — Simpson University's online learning management system. Each course is five weeks long, running in a Monday through Sunday format. Course work is submitted throughout the course, usually on a weekly basis.

You will be taking each course with the same group of students that you started with, creating continuity and community as you go forward in the program. To further build community (and to lower your potential phone bills), all of the students, faculty and staff you'll be working with have Simpson University Skype accounts so that you can connect without having to pay for long distance phone bills.

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Online Programs

Simpson University understands the value of a flexible schedule. The following programs are available in an online format.

All online programs require students to participate in a short online Orientation course. Once that is completed, the students can start working on their courses. These courses are offered online through Moodle.

Moodle is Simpson University's online learning management system. Students will be able to access it at any time to do their coursework. Each course on Moodle is five weeks long (running Monday through Sunday), each semester has three courses, but a student focuses on only one course at a time. A course may require you to do any of the following things: submit a paper online, participate in a forum, read/listen to lecture notes, watch videos, take an online exam, create a PowerPoint, use a free webinar program to do presentations, write journals, and participate in group projects. As technology continues to advance, more ways to participate may be added. Please see the Technology Requirements section for more information.

The online program is designed with customer service in mind. You will have access to our library, our career services counselor who can help you with resumes and interview practice, our tutoring services, our financial aid counselors and the ASPIRE staff. In addition to regular forms of contact, all these services are also available through Skype!

There is also a Moodle website that is designed specifically for ASPIRE students. You will be able to read frequently asked questions, access forms and documents you will need, read the latest news and more.

If you start Organizational Leadership in the Spring semester, you can expect to graduate the following April. We're looking forward to helping you achieve success in your education.

    The following requirements have been created in order to equip you for success in this program.
  • Required Technology


    • Windows XP or newer, Mac OS X
    • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
    • High Speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable speeds)
    • Webcam
    • Speakers
    • Headset with microphone (or laptop with built-in microphone)
    • Printer
    • Access to a scanner (Recommended!)
    • Access to a fax (Recommended!)


    *Please see the download instructions for each program at their respective websites

  • Technology in the Online Program

    Students will use the webcam and headset to connect to Orientation, to make presentations, and for any Skype calls. The printer will be used for printing forms as needed or printing reading material if the student prefers to read a hard copy of notes. The scanner or fax may be used to return paper forms to Simpson University.

    All papers, spreadsheets and presentations must be in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.Org formats. These programs will be utilized regularly for assignments and are required. Adobe Reader is used regularly to view PDF documents used by all of the courses. Simpson University's websites support both the Firefox and Safari. Skype will be used for voice and optionally video calls between students and professors and administrative staff. QuickTime is the standard format for videos that professors may post online for you to view.

  • Student Familiarity with Technology

    Students are required to be familiar with the following processes in order to start the online program:

    • Send and receive email
    • Attach a document to an email
    • Open an attached document from an email
    • Navigate the internet
    • Create and save word processing documents
    • *Use webcam and headset
    • *Download and install required programs listed above

    *Students who are not familiar with Excel, PowerPoint, Skype/webcam or QuickTime will learn these programs as they progress through the major. It will help if you are already familiar with these technologies.

“It has been an excellent opportunity for me to expand my understanding in all of the previous areas mentioned. I feel well prepared to handle whatever comes my way due to the excellent program at Simpson University. Thank you!”

“I feel that I gained so much more than a degree with Simpson University I discovered so many facets to who I am as a person and feel better equipped and prepared to pursue a Graduate degree as well as a career of my dreams. I tell others of my experience at Simpson and have 3 others who I recommended Simpson too, attending the University this year. I will always be grateful for my experience...”

“I would like to thank Simpson for implementing this program and hiring such exceptional staff and faculty. Having my degree has allowed me to obtain a much desired job and with only 60 days at that job, I've already received my first promotion. THANK YOU!!!!!”

“I enjoyed my experience, the staff and the instructors at Simpson in every way. I felt that I was important, and that everyone cared about my success. Some of the experiences and instructors had a very profound affect on my life, my career and who I am. I will forever hold a special place in my heart and mind for Simpson University and those who truly made a difference in my life.”

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