Study Engineering at Simpson University!

Apply your knowledge of mathematics and science, design and build technology, and solve real-world problems in the Engineering program at Simpson University.

Faith-infused Curriculum

Simpson University encourages students to follow God’s call in all areas of their lives, especially in their career choices. Our professors will not only care about how you are preparing for your future career in engineering, but also how you are developing as a Christ-follower. Whether your eventual career goal is mechanical, electrical, civil, or systems engineering, every course offering will be taught from a distinctive Christian worldview.

Real-world Learning

The engineering program utilizes contacts in the industry to help students find internships and jobs, network, and identify resources that support their careers.

Associate of Science in Engineering

As part of our three-year associate’s degree program*, you will be taking courses that lay the groundwork for your B.S. in Engineering. Classes may include topics such as engineering principles, physics, chemistry, differential equations, calculus, statistics, and computer programming. You will also be working to complete your general education requirements.

*Pending WASC approval