Professional Development for Teachers (CEU)

Professional Development for Teachers: Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Good news! You can now get Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits for professional development workshops sponsored by your own County Office of Education and other venues.

Course Description

Simpson University offers CEU credits for the California Teacher Induction Program for new teachers and mentors. These credits must be applied for by December 15 of the year of completion of year 1 or year 2. You may only apply for 6 credits for either year 1 or year 2. Credits are $55 per credit.

CEU or graduate credits are available for an Induction Program and can be applied toward the Simpson University M.A. in Education degree. They may also be transferable to other colleges and universities. Graduate credits are available at the same $55 per credit rate as Continuing Education Credits.

CEU Induction Program Credits for New Teachers and Mentors

CEU 5340-03 Induction: Year 1 A (Fall) for Teachers and Mentors

CEU 5345-03 Induction: Year 1 B (Spring) Teachers and Mentors

CEU 5350-03 Induction: Year 2 C (Fall) Teachers and Mentors

CEU 5355-03 Induction: Year 2 D (Spring) Teachers and Mentors

Graduate Induction Credits

Enrollment Guidelines

Step One: Complete the Attendance Form, have it signed by the Induction Facilitator verifying your attendance and submit it to Ginger Ramage, Simpson University, 2211 College View Drive, Redding, CA 96003.

Step Two: Register and pay online using the instructions on the Attendance Form.


Course Description

This course integrates curriculum reform with teaching strategies in a variety of subject matter areas. The purpose of this course is to assist educators in developing comprehensive teaching plans and actions that are standards-based. This is an umbrella course used to enroll educators who attend various workshops or conferences throughout the year.

Enrollment Guidelines

  • Once you have acquired 15 or more credits (15 hours = 1 credit), you will need to register and pay for your course at and select the heading “Specialized Courses”. You will register for CEU 5201- 01 indicating 1 credit, CEU 5201-02 indicating 2 credits etc. If you do not see the course listed for the number of credits you are requesting, please call our office at (530) 226-4113 for assistance. For each credit you register for you will be charged $55. You may register for up to 30 credits in an academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
  • Hours submitted must be within a one-year (or less) timeframe from start to finish and submitted immediately for credit to avoid having your hours expire. Hours more than one-year old are not acceptable for credits.
  • Simpson University does not keep track of hours in excess of 15-hour increments. Please keep copies of your submissions.


  • Verification of Hours

    Maintain the attendance form with dates, hours of participation and facilitator’s signature and email contact. When you are ready to enroll and submit, sign the form verifying that the information is true and accurate. Mail the form to Simpson University at the address indicated on the form.

  • Grades

    Upon receipt of your verification form, if you have registered, you will be given a grade of “Pass” (P). Transcripts can be requested at