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  • Bible and Theology Major

    Simpson’s Bible and Theology major is designed to familiarize students with the Bible’s content and ideas, the Church’s reflection on it, methods of interpretation, and the intersection of faith and culture. The major prepares students for seminary education or graduate work in theology and related disciplines. It also provides a strong foundation for ministry in church and parachurch settings by developing the skills necessary for lifelong study and communication of Scripture.

    As a student in the program, you learn one of the biblical languages, either Hebrew or Greek, and develop a foundation in biblical or systematic theology. Then you choose one of the three concentrations: Old Testament, New Testament, or Theology.

    The Old Testament and New Testament concentrations allow you to pursue interest in specific books, such as Genesis, Job, and Isaiah in the Old Testament or the Synoptic Gospels, Johannine Literature, and Pauline epistles in the New Testament. Both concentrations include the possibility of a study tour in Israel. Finally, for a capstone, you will investigate the critical issues and the theology of the Bible.

    The Theology concentration builds a foundation for theological reflection by developing a deeper understanding of God, humanity, Christ and the church. It also includes courses in areas of particularly interest, including History of Early Christianity, Contemporary Theology, and Theology of World Mission. For a capstone, you will grapple with issues in contemporary theology.

    All three of these concentrations are designed to develop stronger understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. Graduates will be better prepared to understand and assess life’s future challenges in biblically and theologically informed ways.

    The Bible and Theology program also offers a rigorous Honors Program for qualified students who wish to pursue independent research in their chosen concentration.

  • Cross-Cultural Studies Major

    Are you challenged and intrigued by the diversity of the human race? Are you interested in cultural differences around the world? Do you long to serve a culturally diverse world? If you answer yes to such questions, you may want to consider the Cross-Cultural Studies major.

    It is difficult to reach out to people if you cannot understand their ways of life. As a student in the cross-cultural studies program you have opportunity to develop skills in understanding others. You will first develop a broad understanding of cultural anthropology, cross-cultural communication, religions, language acquisition, theology, ministry, business, and transformational community development. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is also offered as a cross-cultural concentration.

    Students may also take the opportunity to participate in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities overseas study programs. As a capstone, students are required to successfully complete a cross-cultural internship.

    The Cross-Cultural Studies major prepares students for vocations in missions, international community development, business as mission, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

  • Ministry Major

    Are you interested in ministry but might not know where God is calling you?

    The Ministry major lets you explore a variety of ministry opportunities as you seek to understand God’s plan for your life. Whether you are interested in going to seminary or are just seeking to serve God better, this major provides you with basic knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed for ministry.

    The required Bible and theology courses will not only familiarize you with biblical content, but will also will provide the backbone for your ministry. Through courses on spiritual formation, small group ministries, biblical studies, leadership, and preaching, you will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience that will provide a foundation for your future ministry decisions.

    This program is also perfect for tailoring your own ministry education. With a wide variety of ministry electives to choose from, you and your academic advisor can work to create an education focused on your interests, whether administration, youth ministries, women’s ministries, or even missions.

  • World Missions Major

    Are you concerned about those who do not yet know Christ?  Do the world’s peoples intrigue and amaze you? 

    Many who have answered yes to such questions have found that the World Missions major at Simpson University prepared them for careers in world service. As the “Gateway to World Service,” Simpson has long been known for its missionary heartbeat.

    Building upon strong biblical foundations, the World Missions major seeks to prepare students for cross-cultural ministries. Courses in religions, anthropology, and cross-cultural communication will contribute to your understanding of other peoples; courses in evangelism, preaching, and language acquisition will build skills required for ministry. As a World Missions major you will also be able to study evangelism, international community development, and business as missions. A concentration in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) is also an option. You also will have the opportunity to participate in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities overseas study programs. Successful completion of a cross-cultural internship will round out your preparation.

    If you have been blessed with the courage, faith, patience, and skills necessary to venture into another culture, then the World Missions major will provide you with an educational foundation to help you on your journey.

  • Youth Ministry Major

    Why do many youth leaders burn out? Why do a majority of students graduating from high school emerge from youth ministry without a cohesive Christian worldview? Why do students, who appear to have a solid faith in high school, often abandon their faith soon upon entering the university or marketplace?

    These questions have many answers. However, part of the solution is to prepare Youth Leaders adequately for the complicated world of adolescent ministry. Part of the problem is that we have allowed anyone to do Youth Ministry as long as they "love God and love people," such criteria is necessary but inadequate. Youth Ministry by its very nature is multi-disciplinary.

    The Youth Ministry major at Simpson University will challenge and equip you to minister holistically. First, you will cultivate skills to become responsible with scripture. Second, you will be encouraged to become theologically alert. Third, you will be influenced to become culturally savvy.

    The multi-disciplinary nature of youth ministry necessitates that a leader understands poverty issues, communication skills, administrative skills, leadership development, a philosophy of ministry, and the ability to construct and teach a Christian worldview.

    If you have the gifts, talents, abilities, and passion for Youth Ministry, you will be challenged to develop them fully. Our desire at Simpson University is that you graduate uniquely equipped in head and in heart. This major fosters faithfully service for God's kingdom purposes in wisdom and in the power of the Spirit of Christ.


Learning Outcomes

  • Bible and Theology

    Students will be able to:

    • Read: Exhibit proficiency in the careful reading of text—biblical texts in their original languages and theological texts in their historical contexts.
    • Study: Communicate awareness of interpretive options, implications, and ramifications pertinent to the discipline.
    • Engage: Tackle contemporary issues, problems, and crises in a biblically and theologically informed way.
  • Cross-Cultural Studies/World Missions

    Students will be able to:

    • Think: Think theologically and contextually about intercultural ministry and service.
    • Love: Love God and his multicultural world.
    • Witness: Be witnesses to God’s mission through one’s skills, gifts and calling.
  • Ministries
    • Think: Formulates a biblical theological basis toward a cohesive philosophy of ministry
    • Become: Growing conformity to the image of Christ
    • Lead: Embodies values and demonstrates skills necessary for effective ministry

“I’m going to graduate equipped and empowered to go into ministry and do it at the fullest extent that God would have me do.”Samuel Sexton, Class of 2018

“The professors were passionate about my education and reestablishing how I thought about the Bible and God in a way that affected my relationship with Christ in a deeper and more intimate way.”Rondoe Taylor, Class of 2016

“Simpson has given me practical tools to utilize so I can enter into many closed countries and communities as a teacher and share the love of Christ.”Summer Yang, Class of 2016

“At Simpson, you will find an incredible education, great professors, and a community that is going to love you and truly accept you for who you are.”Lindsay Szymanski, Class of 2016

“Simpson has taught me what it looks like to be a humble leader with an emphasis in serving people and, in turn, the kingdom of God.”Robert Kovacs, Class of 2016

“I am passionate about this generation, and I knew that the Youth Ministries major would prepare me to call them to what they are created for.”Brian Howell, Class of 2016

"My Youth Ministry degree prepared me in every way to work with any teenager in any setting. I learned how to understand poverty, counseling skills, a biblical worldview, and how to navigate popular media; but most of all, it taught me how to love and serve teenagers wisely in the fullest capacity. I am currently a high school teacher. There was no question that what actually prepared me for working with teenagers, especially at-risk, ones, was my Youth Ministry degree. It shaped my philosophy of classroom management, curriculum, and the teaching profession." - Rachel Williams, Class of 2015

“I had mentors that poured into me that not only prepared me for ministry, a job, and a career but helped prepare me for life.”Beau Coffron, Class of 2000

Christina Hutchinson, Class of 2012

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